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Stop the Hamster Wheel!

Find Relief first; then learn to walk your talk.

Day after day I watched my patients walk in to my office in full throttle 'GO-mode'.

They simply did not have the tools or knowledge to put the brakes on in life.

The result: A slow death by stress. The burdens and pressures of career, family, finances and lack of time were taking a massive toll on their health and well being.

(Photo compliments of David P. Howard under the Creative Commons Licence)

So I created this website because I know that "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Are you ready?

Great! Doctor-Recommended-Stress-Relief is ready for you.

Take a moment to hear what others are saying and understand how this could profoundly shape your life path.

  • "I have so much more energy; not only for me, but my family too."
  • "For the first time in years I am feeling calm and at peace."
  • "My ability to focus is better; my mind is clear."
  • "I am happier and more productive at work."

You will find this website to be extremely informative. I have compiled my wealth of personal and professional knowledge in the world of health and lifestyle transformation into simple, truthful and easy to digest bits of information. To this I have added various physical and mental exercises designed to integrate knowledge and action into wisdom.

This entire website is aimed at establishing individual greatness and then integrating the power of One into collective success at home, at work and in life as a whole.

These principles have changed my life. I hope to offer this same gift to you.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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