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Healing, Balancing and Opening your 7 Chakras

Each of us has 7 chakras - eight if you count the aura.

If you are new to the world of energy anatomy and energy medicine, you may be unfamiliar with the term chakra, pronounced 'shock-ra' or 'chuck-ra'.

The word chakra is derived from an ancient language called Sanskrit and it means wheel or vortex.

In essence, each of the 7 chakras are one of 7 primary spinning wheels or vortexes of energy in the body. These energy centers connect our physical body to the energy of the universe, and from each chakra extends hundreds or thousands of nadis or energy meridians.

Together, the 7 chakras and nadis form both our human energy system and our subtle body.

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Eastern versus Western Anatomy

Just as our bones and muscles form our gross western anatomy, the 7 chakras and nadis form the component parts of gross eastern or energy anatomy of the body.

The chakras are located along the central channel of the spine, called the Sushumna, and each of the 7 chakras corresponds to a different group of nerves, organs, glands and blood vessels.

Each chakra has a very specific energy signature, with a specific frequency and vibration that corresponds to a different color on the light spectrum and a different seed sound.

In the west, our medical doctors diagnose disease based on body parts that are physically ill. In the east, doctors diagnose ill health based on an imbalance of energy or chi, often long before there is overt disease in the physical body.

All disease begins at an energetic level, either too much or not enough energy. Therefore, it is much more efficient to begin to heal and balance the body from a chakra and nadi perspective, rather than waiting until the physical body is in the state of full blown disease.

This is what I do in my healing hands practice and this is what thousands of energy medicine practitioners around the world do. Growing in the west, the practice of energy medicine is earning support and trust as the field of quantum science is finally beginning to understand how all this energy stuff works.

Moving Beyond the Physical Plane

To really understand the chakras, we need to move beyond the physical level of physical expression.

Although we are all bound by physical limitations and natural laws such as gravity, we have the capacity to cross the physical into levels of subtlety in the universe. We can still exist, connect, communicate, manifest and think at levels beyond the physical.

As we learn to feel and connect to our 7 chakras and create an expanded mind-body connection, we enter a new and magical world. One that lives through quantum processes like creative visualization. We become active co-creators in our world applying the law of attraction, manifesting abundance, prosperity and wealth.

Understanding the chakras and the flow of energy in our physical body, as it connects to the universal flow of energy is the cornerstone of success principles and life mastery.

These teachings lie at the heart of all the great teachings of the world. And I get so excited when students are ready to hear and apply these principles. Because of their critical inherent value, I teach a specific Kundalini Yoga Retreat based solely on understanding and applying the lessons of the 7 chakras.

For more information on the specifics of each of the 7 chakras or the Chakra Kundalini Yoga Retreat please click on the relevant links below:

Root Chakra: Healing your First Chakra; the energy of grounding and physical security.

Sacral Chakra: Healing your Second Chakra; the home of your sexual and creative potential energy.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Healing your Third Chakra; the seat of your personal will power.

Heart Chakra: Healing your Fourth Chakra; the heart of your divine strength to follow your heart's true passion and live life with compassion and forgiveness.

Throat Chakra: Healing your Fifth Chakra; the place of self-expression and sharing your voice with the world.

Third Eye Chakra: Healing your Sixth Chakra; home of your intuitive senses.

Crown Chakra: Healing your Seventh Chakra; the knowledge and wisdom of Infinite Knowing and Oneness.

8th Chakra: Become radiant and glow from within as you charge your electromagnetic field and balance your 8th chakra - your aura.

I know that this chakra stuff can get a little heavy, so as always, contact me with any questions. I love sharing my knowledge with the world!

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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