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What is an Animal Healer?


I am a healer. And yes, an animal healer too. What I did not realize for the first seven years of my career is that I do not have to differentiate between humans and animals.

Healing is Healing is Healing. Period.

After leaving my human practice, the flood- gates opened and I had a number of people start to ask me to work with their pet.

I agreed at first, simply out of curiosity, and then of course I began to agree out of a great appreciation and love of being able to work with such pure spirits.

Being an animal healer is a very intuitive process for me. I assess the energy flow of the animal and physical tension and structure of the body, and then offer a balancing to the animal. This will help shift the energy blockages, reduce tension and improve whole body function.

How is being an 'animal healer' different from a 'human healer'?

The biggest difference is that animals do not have the cognitive capacity that we do. As a result, they live only in the moment and the animal's goal is as follows:

"To be connected to, in tune with and to live in a harmonious, grounded, and balanced state with Mother Nature".

This is all I ever wanted to offer the hundreds of humans that I saw over the years, but because of the human mind, we stay stuck in unhealthy patterns for long periods of time. As a 'human healer', this can be frustrating - but as an 'animal healer', it is so simple.

Animal's naturally move toward a state of balance with very little effort or input. Because they only live in the moment, they do not carry with them their baggage from the past and therefore are able to heal very quickly.

To me, this is pure joy!

Don't Forget About the Vets...

As with all energy healing work, it is not meant to be a 'cure' for any major dis-ease processes. I will of course refer you to your vet when necessary.

However, often my clients will come and find that just a few sessions will alleviate their pets challenge, which can turn out to be a much healthier and much more time and cost effective way to assist their pets wellness.

If you would like to make an appointment for your pet, please contact me to set something up.

Looking forward to meeting you and your furry friends!

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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