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Applying the law of Attraction:
Manifest your Dreams

ApplyingLoA Applying the Law of Attraction is first and foremost about saying "That's it...I want more." It is about being honest about your desires and getting real about allowing them to take flight.

I love what Erma Louise Bombeck says about this very issue:

There are people who put their dreams in a little box and say, "Yes, I've got dreams, of course I've got dreams. "

Then they put the box away and bring it out once in a while to look in it, and yep, they're still there. These are great dreams, but they never even get out of the box.

So, before you go any further, I must ask you: "Are you ready to open your box of dreams and learn to apply the Universal Laws of Attraction, bringing all that you desire into physical reality?"

If you answered YES, then hold tight as I walk you through the basic 'how-to' of manifesting your dreams!

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Rule #1 in Applying the Law of Attraction:

Think about what you desire.

As you know, the Universal Laws of Attraction are simply that 'like attracts like'. That is, you will get what you think about. Period.

The Catch? No catch, the universe is extremely powerful and accommodating, but be sure that what you are thinking about is really what you want, because the universe will bring it to you regardless of whether you want it or not.

For example, many people spend days, months and years complaining and brooding over some past life situation or event. Take having a miserable boss, for example. If you continue to think about how horrible your boss it, you will not be able to attract a new boss that treats you with support and respect.

The Universe is always accommodating, so it will always bring you exactly what you are thinking about.

In this case it will continue to bring you a crabby boss. Even if you change jobs or move to a new city, you take your thoughts with you. Therefore, unless you do a major make-over in the thought department, you will find your relationship with your new boss very similar to that of the old one.


Go around during the day and look for signs of what you do desire, what you do want, and what does bring you joy. Disregard and pay no attention to the stuff you see and do not want. Only direct your power of focus onto that which you want to see manifest in your life, and soon it will begin to appear.

As Abraham suggests, take about 20 minutes each day to write down the things that you are noticing in your environment that you like. Make it a creative workshop time where you spend quality time focusing on that which you want to see more of in your life.

For the more you focus and think about something, the sooner and faster it will show up and the more fulfilled you will be as you are learning the art of applying the law of attraction through deliberate intent.

Rule #2 in Applying the Law of Attraction:

Create clarity about what you desire.

The world is a living, breathing pool of contrast.

All day, everyday you are exposed to thousands of things; some things that make you say "Oh, no, I do not want that" and other things that make you feel exhilarated about wanting them.

At first you may have a thought that you’d like a brand new house, but then you see someone who just bought a new house and the contractors did a crappy job on the roof and it is leaking after only 1 year. You also notice that they are having financial troubles paying the new mortgage.

You do not need to completely change your plans about wanting a new house you just need to clarify a bit. You can now re-write your intentions to the universe to be "I desire an affordable and beautiful new house that was build with care and conscious construction. I anticipate having my home maintenance free for many years, and I expect to be able to pay the mortgage with ease and grace."

When applying the law of attraction, make your desires as detailed or as abstract as you want - it is your story and you get to write it! The more clarity you can create, the better the universe will be able to bring you exactly what you want.

Rule #3 in Applying the Law of Attraction:

Expect and Believe that it is on its way.

Pretend and visualize your desires and your dreams manifesting. Feel what it feels like to experience that which you want.

Envision that new car, your new job or your new love. Find the feelings of joy in experiencing the manifestation and know with 100 percent certainty, expectation and belief that it is on its way.


Because the universe has no choice but to answer your request - that is just how it was designed.

However... if your request is "I want a new car", but you do not think you are worthy of having it or you do not think you can afford it, then universe will once again obey and you will remain without that new car.

Remember, whatever you think about will come about, so choose your thoughts wisely. The universe will answer your thoughts of belief, just as well as your thoughts of doubt.

If you need a little assistance, pay attention to your emotional guidance system. When you are in doubt, you will feel negative emotion, sadness, guilt, fear, etc. But when you are in belief and positive expectation, you will feel elation, joy, happiness and love.

Your emotional guidance system is a very important indicator letting you know if you are creating through trust and allowing the Laws of the Universe to work for you, or if you are creating through doubt and resisting the Laws of the Universe.

Additional Resources on Applying the Law of Attraction

In my opinion, the best written series of books and lectures on Applying the Law of Attraction are written and recorded by Jerry and Ester Hicks, as they channel a divine source of wisdom known as Abraham. You will often find their combined work sited as Abraham-Hicks as it is for their website

I have the intention of creating a Law of Attraction Forum and Group Coaching sessions soon, as I find that applying the law of attraction is much more effective when done in a co-creative space with other like minded people.

So... if this is something you would like to participate in, pick up the books and then email me so we can start to brainstorm together.

Also, I have recorded a wonderful 1 hour interview with a Law of Attraction Coach. Please take the time to play this interview the next time you are cooking dinner or driving in your car...I promise that it will ignite and spark some new ideas on applying the law of attraction.

Until then, have fun unleashing your box of dreams!!

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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