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Chakra Yoga: a Head to Toe Over-hall!

Chakra Yoga

What is Chakra Yoga?

Simply, you have 7 chakras in your body that act as energy portals or gateways. From each chakra all the energy meridians and pathways of your entire body flow to supply energy or prana to all the cells, organs and glands of your body.

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The critical question is this: Are all of your chakras balanced and flowing? Or are they dammed up, backed up and stuck from all the stress in your life?

Chakra Yoga is designed to balance and un-stick the dammed up energy of your body and allow your human energy system to flow harmoniously as nature intended.

What will you experience when you use chakra yoga to balance your subtle energy body?

  • Physical Strength and Stamina
  • Emotional Calm and Ease
  • Mental Awareness and Power

As with all yoga types, these are the things you will feel, but with chakra yoga, if you can learn to tune into which of the 7 chakras you are feeling stuck in, you can choose an appropriate posture or asana to activate and direct the energy to open both a physical and energetic position in the body. This will allow an opening to pranic energy flow and healing in that area.

If you would like more information on each of the 7 Chakras, please click the link before returning here for a few sample postures that you can do to balance each area of your body.

ALSO: Before beginning any of these chakra yoga postures, please consult a trained yoga teacher or your health professional to be sure that you do not sustain injury. Yoga's one and only rule is: Listen to your body.

Ok, if it feels safe, and only you know what is safe for you, let's begin our chakra yoga session.

  1. Root Chakra:
    • Crow Pose for grounding, and balancing fear and issues of survival.
    • Come into a squat pose, ideally with both feet flat on the ground and arms straight out for counter balance and support.
    • Move into a powerful standing position, keeping the arms straight out.
    • Repeat, inhaling as you stand up, exhaling as you lower back into a squat.

  2. Sacral Chakra:
    • Frog Pose for healing relationships, sexual challenges and opening to your infinite creative potential.
    • Begin in a wide leg squat with heels touching and knees pointing out to 45 degrees. Stay on your tip toes and touch the ground in front with the tips of your fingertips.
    • Inhale as you raise the hips up, straightening the knees, keeping the fingertips on the ground and heels up off the ground. You will end in a forward flexed position with head hanging towards the ground.
    • Repeat.

  3. solar-Plexus-Chakra:
    • Bow Pose for healing the third chakra, our will power and action center.
    • Begin by lying onto your stomach. Grab the ankles and use the thigh muscles to pull the upper body off the ground. Then lift the legs off the ground, as you simultaneously lift the chest and head.
    • Feel an arch in your spine as you rock onto your solar plexus.

  4. Heart Chakra:
    • Camel Pose for opening the heart.
    • Come to a kneeling posture. Slowly bring the pelvis forward, tilt the tailbone under, lift the heart center and exhale as you lean backwards grabbing onto the thighs, ankles or heels, as far back as is comfortable. Drop the head back.

  5. Throat Chakra:
    • Cobra Pose for opening the throat, thyroid, parathyroid and healing communication problems.
    • Begin by lying on the stomach, placing the hands under the shoulders, palms flat on the ground.
    • Begin to slowly lift the chest and heart, letting the head follow as you lean back and push up into an arched upper body.

  6. Third Eye Chakra:
    • Guru Pranam Pose for strengthening your pituitary, intuition and inner wisdom.
    • Begin by sitting on the heels. Bring the torso over the thighs and bending forward to place the forehead on the ground. Extend the hands in front of you in prayer pose.

  7. Crown Chakra:
    • Sat Kriya to balance the crown chakra, to bring transcendence healing on a universal level.
    • Sit on your heels. Clasp the hands above the head with the fingers interlaced except for the index fingers pointing straight up in Venus lock.
    • Hug the arms towards the ears and squeeze the navel point in and up as you say "Sat" (pronounced "sut"). Release the sound saying "Naam".

Once more, if there are any concerns about safety, please ask a trained specialist in your area, or contact me for further information.

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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