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Chlorophyll Benefits: Time to Go Green!

Chlorophyll benefits are simply amazing... and it is the best-kept secret of the plant world!

You may have heard the word on the street when it comes to nutrition and that word is "Go Green".

The 'green' hype in this case is not about our environment, but rather it is about the wonderful photosynthetic molecule called chlorophyll that allows plants to use the suns energy to make glucose from water and carbon dioxide.

I'm sure you have heard the "Eat your Greens" and "Green Smoothies" campaigns and if you don't know why, keep reading and I'll share for you what all those veggie types have known for years.

Chlorophyll Benefits and our Blood

Did you know that chlorophyll benefits are related to the similar structure of chlorophyll and hemoglobin? In plants, the chlorophyll molecule carries magnesium and in humans, the haemoglobin molecule carries iron, but aside from that they are identical in structure.

Well, I'm pretty sure I knew this at one point in time when I was memorizing textbooks to regurgitate on exams in school, but I never really pieced it together until I had a miscarriage, and I lost a lot of blood.

All I wanted to consume were my green smoothies for breakfast lunch and dinner. And I can only imagine it was because I needed to replenish my blood supply, but I did not put two and two together until my naturopath gave me a bottle of liquid chlorophyll to add to my water. It was only then that I rediscovered chlorophyll benefits.

In 1936, Dr. Arthur Patek conducted a study where he took 15 anemic women and gave them different amounts of green foods along with an iron supplement. He discovered that the level of blood hemoglobin and the number of red blood cells increased faster in those taking greens than with those taking iron supplements alone.

The chlorophyll was acting like a stimulant of red blood cells in the bone marrow to help me regain my blood quality and strength.

Why are Veggies Green and not Red?

It is all very simple physics.

The magnesium in the center of the chlorophyll molecule does not capture green light, and therefore we see the green reflected back at us.

It is also important to note that one of the primary chlorophyll benefits comes when it is consumed RAW. And as you may have noticed, cooking your broccoli or spinach turns the veggies into a lighter green as the magnesium is displaced from the center of the chlorophyll molecule, reducing the health benefits of chlorophyll.

Additional Chlorophyll Benefits

Aside from its amazing properties for building blood, which thereby helps to boost our oxygen and energy levels, there are some other very important reasons to “Go Green” and include more raw green foods in your diet.

Here they are:

  1. Chlorophyll is a natural gastrointestinal healer. It is especially important as a colon cleanser and detoxifier.

  2. Chlorophyll can help in cancer detoxification. The body can remove the magnesium molecule of chlorophyll and replace it with a copper molecule, converting the chlorophyll into what is called chlorophyllin. In the liver, chlorophyllin can help prevent dangerous toxins from damaging our DNA.

  3. Chlorophyll can eliminate bad breath, as it acts to deodorize not only the breath but aid in healing the digestive system that is a primary reason for bad breath in the first place. As such it can also assist in eliminating potent smells of urine, and feces.

  4. Chlorophyll a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, as it contains high levels of vitamins A, C and E.

  5. Chlorophyll can help arthritis and cataract patients by breaking down calcium oxalate stones for elimination.

  6. Chlorophyll can help to neutralize our body pH through the rapid delivery of magnesium it is highly alkalizing and will help restore our bloods acid base balance.

  7. Chlorophyll has antiseptic properties, and it can therefore help fight infections and heal wounds.

  8. Chlorophyll is a natural Chelator of Heavy Metals, and can powerfully bind to and remove toxic heavy metals.

In Summary:

Go Green.

I cannot stress this enough.

To capture the chlorophyll benefits, one of nature's best inventions, you must make eating them part of your daily ritual.

My favorite way to get chlorophyll benefits on a daily basis is to blend them up in a delicious high-powered morning shake.

I am not a big fan of juicing as I like to eat my foods whole, fiber and all. But I do love my super high powered Vitamix Blender.

If you are interested in learning more about healthy ways to get the benefits of chlorophyll in your life, please read more about some of the following topics that I will be adding to the website shortly:

  • Organic raw food,
  • Raw food detox,
  • Green smoothies,
  • Raw food for weight loss,
  • Acid Base Balance,
  • Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet and
  • Vitamix blender

In the meantime, Have a Happy Chlorophyll rich day!

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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