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What to look for when choosing a Multivitamin


Choosing a multivitamin can be a daunting task when you don't know what vitamins you need and how much of each is appropriate.

Here are 3 general points I'd like to make about choosing a multivitamin:

  1. Not all multivitamins are created equally.

  2. I am cautioning you about the money trap; 'you get what you pay for'.

  3. Lastly, just because the ingredients label has all the vitamins and minerals you need plus a bunch of 'extras' does not mean that your body will be able to absorb them if they are processed poorly. Less is sometimes more!

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This may still be 'Greek' to you, so allow me explain further...

Why do you need a Multivitamin in the first place?

I am hoping that because you are reading this page, you already understand the importance of choosing a multivitamin for your daily wellness routine, but just to cover the basics, here is why I would recommend getting on board:

  1. Our food, even the best organic raw food out there, is depleted in major nutrients. Our earth and soils are simply not as rich in nutrients as they were 100 years ago. We need to supplement. Period.

  2. Daily use of multi-vitamins are associated with disease reduction. For example, a study sited in the Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention (October, 1997) stated that daily use of multivitamins for 10 years was associate with a 50% reduction in risk of developing colon cancer among men and women as compared to no use of multivitamins.

  3. Daily use of a high potency multi-vitamin and mineral has been proven to assist with general skin care health, appearance and anti-aging. Need I say more? Quality multi-vitamins are part of the 'fountain of youth' regime!

What do I need to look for in Choosing a Multivitamin?

First of all, I want to be sure you are not throwing your money away. Most, and I'd even wager to say all, the major drugstore brand names and popular one-a-day multi-vitamins are completely useless.

Why? Because they are filled with a bunch of 'fillers' or binding agents that do not allow for proper absorption. So essentially, if you are purchasing and consuming these, or feeding those enticing cartoon chewables to your kids, you are simply creating very expensive urine!

If your body cannot absorb the nutrients, your body will try to eliminate the vitamins through your digestive elimination...mostly your pee!

I'd recommend speaking to your naturopath or health food store about a high potency multi-vitamin. Usually, you will be looking at around $50 a bottle for something of quality. If you are currently consuming the $15.99 specials, then I'd sooner have you donate the money for the good it is doing you.

According to the Renai Sante Institute of Integrative Medicine, here is what you should be looking at in terms of nutrients and quantities when choosing a multivitamin:

What company would you recommend?

Almost exclusively, I find myself choosing a multivitamin and consuming all of my supplements from two companies:

  1. Seroyal
  2. GNLD

Seroyal is a great company, but you have to be a professional or health food retailer to order from them. If you have a naturopath, chiropractor or a local health store that you trust, ask them about this brand.

For everyone else, I would recommend a company called GNLD, because you can order from them directly and have your purchase shipped to your door.

What I love about GNLD in particular is that this company, the only one I know of, produces all of its products directly from foods. All of their products are whole food vitamins with absolutely no synthetic vitamins or minerals.

Why is this important? Because whole food vitamins have a higher rate of absorption than any other vitamin or mineral, and as such you can be 100% sure that your body knows how to digest and use all of those vital nutrients. To me, this may be more important than a higher dose of the nutrient that cannot be absorbed by your body due to the processing procedures. Less is sometimes more!

If you would like to learn more about GNLD's Whole Food Multi Vitamin or their Chewable Multi Vitamin for kids, simply click on the GNLD Home Page .

Happy Multi-Vitamin Shopping!

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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