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Revolutionizing the Definition of Healthy

The long held definition of healthy was put forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1946, and it states:

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

But I have trouble using this definition in a practical sense...what is 'complete' physical mental and social well-being and how can we measure or track our health if we do not understand what we are looking at.

Secondly, medical doctors, our current day standard of 'health', have no way of measuring health. All they do is look at disease markers.

So in my opinion, we need to revolutionize the definition of healthy and put into a context that we can utilize to track our progression and wellness.

With this in mind, from years of personal and professional experience, I offer my own definition:

"Health is a state of optimal function and energetic efficiency that sustains individual growth and balance in all dimensions of life: body, mind and spirit."

Definition of Healthy as 'Optimal Function'

First let's look at the component of optimal function.

Function is important because it is what allows us to exist and continue to grow and evolve as a species.

The challenge with the term function however is in its mis-interpretation through the eyes of Western Medicine. You see, medicine looks at function too, but they only look superficially at function. They measure different blood markers, enzyme function and even genetic variables, but in most cases they are only able to diagnose overt disease.

Remembering that health is a continuum with 100 percent function and capacity on one end and death being on the other. Western medicine is really great at measuring the lack of health on the death end of the spectrum, but they tend to miss the other 80% of 'unwell', but not full-blown disease cases.

In alternative circles, you will see these 'unwell' cases referred to as dis-ease referring to a level of tension and lack of ease in the body, but not yet manifest disease states.

This takes us to our next point concerning the definition of healthy...

Definition of Healthy as 'Energetic Efficiency'

In the majority of cases along the health continuum, there is a level of dis-ease existing in the patient long before structural disease can be detected in a blood test, MRI or ultrasound.

Health is always a balance between growth and repair versus non-growth, stagnation and destruction. When we tip the balance in favour of destruction it comes as a result of an energetic deficit. The body is no longer working efficiently or effectively and these smaller bleeps on the energetic spectrum cannot be measure with traditional western methodologies.

Energetic efficiency can be measured and healed however through holistic and quantum methodologies like homeopathy, applied kinesiology, healing hands, sound and light therapies.

Definition of Healthy as 'Body, Mind and Spirit'

The last part of the definition describes health as a holistic approach to growth and balance in all dimensions of life: body mind and spirit.

And the key word here is all. For in order to move toward true health and wholeness, all three dimensions must be addressed simultaneously. This is the very definition of yoga, the union of all parts to create the whole.

We know for example that when we address health from a pure physical (body) perspective, we do not truly heal as the vibrations in the mind and spirit dimensions may be extremely stuck or energy inefficient, thereby weakening the individual as a whole.

The same holds when we look merely at the mind as the realm of psychiatry and traditional counselling tends to do, or when we look at the spirit as in the case of many faith ministries. In both instances, the whole of the person is weakened and a true definition of healthy is impossible.

I welcome your comments on my definition of healthy. I truly hope that this article sparks some thought and discussion in your own life as you approach greater and greater levels of health and wellness.

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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