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Detox Cleanse: Dumping the Body and Mind Trash


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When you hear the words 'detox cleanse' most people automatically think of ridding the physical body of toxins, but what about the mental and emotional waste?

We live in both a chemically and emotionally polluted world. Not only is the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies full of 200 plus dangerous chemical toxins, these newborns are subjected to moms, dads and grandparents who are emotionally unhappy - emotionally toxic!

Detoxification is about releasing the old and welcoming the new at all levels of our being, a re-birthing so to speak. It is about shifting the cycle of body-mind pollution in the world and heal ourselves, as well as Mother Earth.

A Detox Cleanse from the Inside Out.

Most illness is due in some part to toxicity, so understanding toxins and how to detox are critically important to your health, vitality and wellness. When designing a proper detox cleanse for yourself, you will have to consider many categories of both exotoxins (toxins that come from outside the body), as well as endotoxins (toxins that originated from within the body) first, and then design a cleanse that will counter the specific toxins involved.

Let's take a closer look at all the different categories of toxins that need eliminating through a healthy and regular detox cleanse:

  1. Xenobiotics: insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, food additives, plastics, solvents, drugs

  2. Toxic Heavy Metals: lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, nickel

  3. Vitamin and Mineral Excesses: Vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, copper, selenium, iodine, sodium

  4. Infections: viral, fungal, bacterial, parasitic

  5. Lifestyle Toxins: alcohol, smoking, caffeine, sugar, processed foods, char-broiled meats

  6. Inhalants: molds, algae, pollens

  7. Food Sensitivities: , wheat, dairy, nightshades, soy

  8. Energetic Toxins: Electromagnetic fields, cell phones, ionizing radiation like mammograms, geopathic stress

  9. Dysbiosis: imbalanced intestinal flora or mutated forms of parasites, fungi or bacteria

  10. Metabolic By-products: uric acid, nitric acid, lactic acid, pyruvic acid

  11. Hormonal Overload: estrogen, insulin, cortisol, insulin like growth factor

  12. Free Radicals: the need for additional antioxidants in the body

  13. Toxic Emotions: excess worry, regret, grief, anger, greed, etc.

  14. Toxic Memories: loss, rape, shame, violence, abandonment, guilt, etc.

Please note: the above list was taken from Sat Dharam Kaur's Healthy Breast Yoga Teacher Training Manual, 2011.

How to we actually do a Detox Cleanse?

Fortunately our bodies are designed for HEALTH, not disease. So if we give our bodies a bit of positive help and attention to neutralize these toxins via a detox cleanse, our body's natural detoxification systems will kick in.

Because the How to Detox question is so lengthy, I will go into more details on that particular page of the website, but for now, please understand that in general, two of the biggest players in detoxifying your body is:

  1. The Liver (read more on the Liver Detoxification page)
  2. The Colon (read more on the Bowel Cleansing Page)

So this would be a good place to start your detox cleanse. We all need to cleanse our colon and liver from time to time.

Because this website is about STRESS, the entire thing is really about detoxifying and ridding your body and mind of toxins, aka stresses that are harmful.

As a rule of thumb, the best physical detoxification programs are gentle, made from homeopathic remedies, herbals and specific whole food vitamins or through the use of an infrared sauna. Be sure to understand the concepts of Nutrition for Life, Organic Raw Food, Acid Base Balance and Common Food Allergies as you begin to cleanse your body.

When detoxifying your mind, look to concepts found in yoga, meditation and relaxation. Also, work on applying the principles of Universal Laws of Attraction and learn to create an Attitude of Gratitude and positive goals for yourself. Oh, and get really good at your positive self talk!

Global Healing Wisdom Radio Show on Detoxification:

There is just so much we could discuss in terms of a detox cleanse. And because the topic is so large, I wanted to get some expert advice to go along with these web pages. So I invited a holistic nutritionist named Ara Wiseman onto my Global Healing Wisdom show to further discuss detoxification strategies for both the body and mind.

I would recommend spending some time listening to this episode. It is an hour in length, and you can turn it on while preparing dinner or doing some house chores.

Just click here to listen.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

Click on any of the following links for more specific information on the following (and please be patient while I get a chance to write all of this!):

How to Detox: Learn the basics of how our bodies detoxify and how to prevent and reverse toxic burdens.

Bowel Cleansing: Understand basic ways to cleanse your bowels of old wastes and cellular debris. Since your colon is responsible for up to 70% of your immune function, this is an important system to cleanse.

Herbal Cleanse: Herbs are extremely effective and yet very gentle when used appropriately. Learn about some great herbal cleanse techniques and remedies.

Infrared Sauna: The skin has a surface area of 2 square meters through which we can sweat out toxins. Of all detoxification technologies, the infrared sauna is one of the best ways to completely clear and heal toxic residue on all levels.

Liver Detoxification: As an organ of primary detoxification, it is important to understand liver function and its phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification processes.

Liver Flush: Here is a simple 10 day liver flush that can be used to stimulate the liver to eliminate toxins, increase bile flow and improve overall liver function, also helping to remove impurities from the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Heavy Metal Poisoning: Understand the subtle signs and symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. You may not even realize that this is what is happening in your body.

Heavy Metal Cleanse: Learn of some primary ways to detoxify your body of heavy metals.

Mercury Detox: Mercury toxicity, especially as a result of unsafe dentistry practices, has become a very large health concern. Learn more about the symptoms and detoxification strategies for mercury toxicity.

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