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Enhance Your Art of 'Being' with Dog Yoga

Did you say Dog Yoga?

Yes, you read that correctly. Dog yoga is fast becoming a fashionable trend at yoga and health centers across the country.

I know that I always gets lots of curious questions when I speak of yoga for dogs, so for ease, I'll try to answer the most frequent questions below.

What is Dog Yoga?

It is the practice of yoga, in a modified form to include stretching poses, breath work and meditation not only for you, the human, but your furry companion friend.

We already understand both the value of yoga and stress relief, as well as pets and stress relief. Now they are combined in one unique package!

Why would you want to do Dog Yoga?

For me, the best reason is to learn how to embrace a state of 'Being' rather than 'doing'.

Our world is so caught up in doing...we are always going here, doing this, creating that. It is simply exhausting, not to mention extremely stressful. And in this need to DO, we forget our very nature is to just BE.

Our animal companions, however, naturally know how to BE. This is their gift to the planet. They do not run around all day thinking about how many bones they will eat, how many Frisbee catches they will succeed in, or when their next grooming appointment is so that they look their best when they meet their friends at the dog park!

Instead, all animals, including dogs, live solely in the moment. They do not have a concept of time; they simply love to play, jump, eat, sleep and BE.

Yoga too is about 'Being'.

In the west, we think yoga is about 'doing' some crazy, flexi posture or pose. It is not. It is about centering yourself, finding your own inner state of peace and re-connecting to the Being that you were born to Be.

Combining then, dogs with yoga, is a natural and beautiful partnership.

What are the benefits of Dog Yoga?

The benefits of dog yoga is very similar to that of a typical human yoga class:

  • Increased flexibility and physical strength
  • Improved breathing
  • Enhanced state of calm and inner peace
  • Improved energy flow, circulation and whole body healing
  • Overall nervous system and brain balance and harmony

What about my dog, he is so hyper that I don't think he'd be a very good Yoga Candidate?

Just as a type A person is the person who needs yoga the most to learn how to calm down, a hyper or anxious dog is the perfect candidate for yoga.

It may take a few classes and repeated practice to re-train the dog (and the human) to find a new state from which to live in the world, but it will happen. The dog (and human), will learn to re-connect to a peaceful and harmonious state of Being, not only in class, but it will transfer into daily life too.

What is your favourite part about a Dog Yoga Class?

I love watching those hyper and anxious dogs completely Zen-Out!

All animals take on the energy of their environment. So taking a yoga class with your dog is the best thing for both of you.

As an animal healer, I love teaching the human about the impact that their own energy field has on their furry friend. If the owner is high-strung, guess what? The dog will be too. So in a four-legged friendly yoga class, both partners in the relationship (owner and pet) learn what it means to Zen-Out together.

I hope I have answered your main questions. If you have more, please feel free to contact me.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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