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Eco Friendly Products:
Supporting Your 'Whole' Life


I love discovering brilliant, eco friendly products that enhance my own quality of life, and the health and wellness of my family.

And when you find a great thing, it is natural to want to gab about it to this portion of the website is my fun eco friendly products gab session!

If you know me, you know that I enjoy my personal privacy and am not much of a gossip queen, except when it comes to really original and super awesome products that are both eco-friendly and consciously created.

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Just so that you know, I am a researcher by nature and nearly everything that I am promoting on this site has been used directly by me and researched to death, to find the highest of quality companies to work with.

You may not know me directly, but you know the quality of my work through this website. And one of my biggest pet peeves in life is lack of integrity, so if you see me endorsing something, be assured that I love it, I trust it and I trust that you will too.

Eco Friendly Products in Three Categories:

In staying congruent with the theme of the website, I will address all the amazing products in three categories, or types of stress: pysical stress, chemical stress and emotional stress.

Some of these products may fit in more than one dimension of stress, but I will place it in the area I believe it to primarily address...that means, be sure to read each category as you search for expansive new products to enhance to your healthy lifestyle!

  1. Eco Friendly Products to address Physical Stress:
    • Corrective Foot Orthotics
    • Natural Mattress...coming soon
    • Posture Support...coming soon
    • Water Pillow...coming soon
    • Eco Friendly Yoga Mat...coming soon

  2. Eco Friendly Products to address Chemical Stress:
    • Vitamix Blender
    • Whole Food Vitamins
    • Excalibur Food Dehydrator...coming soon
    • Alkaline Water Ionizer...coming soon
    • Raw Food Bars...coming soon
    • Vegan Protein Powder...coming soon
    • Organic Baby Products...coming soon

  3. Eco Friendly Products to address Mental/Emotional Stress:

Just click the link to each of the eco-friendly products and find out more about how they can support your growing and expanding wellness lifestyle...Stress FREE!

Eco Friendly Products and Profit

Nearly all of the products on this website are sold through affiliate marketing. That means that if you click to purchase from my website, I make a percentage on the commission of that sale.

This is important to know. Why? Because I am continuing to put hours of free and worthwhile information on this site, backed by years of professional, clinical and personal experience.

And of course I live in the real world too with a family to feed, so I have chosen to promote health conscious and eco friendly products that can help me continue with this valuable website service.

So if and when you decide to purchase any of these worthwhile eco-friendly products, please enter the company's website by clicking off of my own website.

You will help me pay it forward and keep Dr. Recommended Stress Relief alive and active.

BONUS BENEFIT TO YOU: As an added bonus, many of these links provide coupon codes to discounts and free shipping if you order directly through me. It is a Win-Win.

And as always, if you have any questions, let me know.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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