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Effective Goal Setting: A New Approach Through Inspriation, not Motivation

Effective Goal Setting is one of the most recognized factors for success.

There are BIG companies and BIG names in the motivational speaking industry trying to get us pumped up and motivated to set goals and create change.

However, as important as I believe goals are, I do not believe that motivation is the way to go when initiating an effective goal setting program.

Instead, I believe in inspiration.

The Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation in Effective Goal Setting

In my opinion, when it comes to effective goal setting, there is a big difference between motivation and inspiration.

Motivation speaks to the fact that you need a good kick in the behind to get you going. That somehow you don't have enough energy to do it yourself, so that you need something external to yourself, some sort of end reward, to empower and 'motivate' yourself to get going.

But when you are inspired, you simply take action for the joy of it. There will still be a reward at the end of it, but the reward is not the sole driving force.

When you are inspired, you still have a goal, but the goal need not require force or a great amount of laborious effort. Instead, when you are inspired, the 'work' required to get to that goal is effortless and fun.

So when I speak to you about effective goal setting, I do not want you to list off a bunch of items that you think you want to achieve. More often than not, I find that this will require too much effort.

And if you need too much motivation, it will certainly lead to failure, rather than effective goal setting.

Instead, to realize effective goal setting, when you set a goal, if it does not automatically fire you up and inspire you to be creative and act, then I would suggest you put it aside. It is simply the wrong time to do it. Not that you can't create an aspiration to do it down the road, just not now.

One of my favourite quotes of all time is from Yoda who said, "Do or do not. There is no try". This is the essence of the difference between goals that are motivationally driven and those that are inspirationally driven.

If you are simply going to 'try', that is weak, and you have failed before you even got started. If you decide that you are going to DO IT and GO FOR IT, that is inspired and you will succeed, regardless of the final outcome.

The Do's and Don'ts of Effective Goal Setting

  1. Do Get Creative; Don't limit yourself
    • The sky is the limit in terms of what you want to create. Only you get to decide, so don't let the 'what if's' and 'yeah but's' limit you.
    • Be courageous and even if it feels a little scary, do step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. This is how you will grow.

  2. Do Set Realistic Goals; Don't Set yourself up for failure
    • Although I do not want you to fee limited by what you can accomplish, I do want you to be realistic.
    • Set up a series of small goals rather than a large one.
    • E.g. If you want to run a marathon, set up a series of small goals like purchase a pair of shoes, sign up for a learn to run clinic, enter my first 5 km race, etc. Build up to what you want.
    • Remember the rule of inspired over motivated when it comes to effective goal setting.

  3. Do Get Clear; Don't start anything without absolute Certainty
    • Your gut will tell you when it is right to move forward with something.
    • Once again, when you are clear on what you want to create, you become inspired, your gut will give you a resounding YES. Go for it!

  4. Do Get Feedback; Don't get caught up in others judging your choices
    • Ask those around you, especially experts who have done it before for advice.
    • But there will always be the negative Nelly’s of the world judging your choices. Take what they say with a grain of salt and you choose what you take in and what you don't.

  5. Do Stay Committed; Don't get frustrated with small set backs
    • Goals worth achieving are worth the set backs and hard work. Learn from the set backs and move on with greater wisdom and strength.
    • Know that even if you fail at your original goal, you win because you had the courage to step into the unknown and do something you felt inspired to do.

  6. Do Set Measureable Goals; Don't forget to Re-evaluate at regular intervals
    • How will you know that you have achieved a goal if you don't have a measuring stick set from the onset.
    • Effective goal setting allows for room to re-evaluate your progress part way along. No sense in continuing along a route that isn't working. Every few weeks, check in with how things are going and modify what needs to be done if anything.

  7. Do FEEL the feeling of what you want
    • It is the feeling that creates inspiration. Whenever you feel defeated or frustrated, always go back to the feeling.
    • It is the feeling that keeps you on course and allows you to move forward.
    • Until you feel the feeling, you won’t be inspired.

One Last Tip

Effective Goal Setting can be tricky to do on your own. You can feel like you are floating in the middle of the ocean with no hope at seeing land.

A coach can be extremely helpful.

I know that I am a life coach and so I am a little biased, but I myself have had many coaches in my life. A coach is really there to help bring you perspective.

Most of the time I can't see the obvious solution that is right in front of me, because it is my own life. When I engage the help of my coach, it becomes easy. She helps me to find my own answers simply by making me look at things that I have overlooked.

So please, use this website and all the materials I have listed below, but if you still find that you are struggling with effective goal setting, ask for assistance.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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