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Effective Leadership Training through Principles of Oneness

EffectiveLeadershipTraining Effective Leadership Training according to the Principles of Oneness is an age-old concept, and

Yet extremely simple in principle, even if it is not common in practice.

The concept of a leader is not about 'me'. It is not even about 'we' (the team). Instead, the True leader realizes that it is always about the ONE, or the WHOLE; that which is beyond the employees, beyond the company, beyond the clients, and instead enters the field of the global whole.

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It is from the vantage point of the whole that leaders create sustainability, harmony and overall happiness.

In my experience, leaders fail because they do not understand the WHOLE. They do not understand the whole within themselves (the 'me'), and without that simple foundation, they cannot possibly understand the whole of the team (the 'we'), let alone the big picture that encompasses the ONE.

A Common Definition of Leadership:

I snagged the following definition from a prominent leadership forum that says:

"Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent."

I think this is a great working definition, as it closely relates to what I teach in my effective leadership training workshops from three main perspectives:

  1. A leader is a person of influence. But influence only comes from inner clarity and strength of spirit. Think of the real leaders of the world: Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa. They were highly influential, not because they understood a lot of jargon about teamwork, but because they were internally centered and clear in their desires for the greater Whole.

  2. A leader creates cohesion. Cohesion is a by-product of a harmonious group. The leader is so clear in his/her intentions that everyone climbs on board the ship, not from a place of blind faith, but from a place of complete resonance with the truth of inspired action. No one needs to be 'convincing'; they simply act because they are inspired to act.

  3. A leader creates coherence. Coherence is a heart-centered concept that can be physiologically measured in our heart rhythms, using software created by a company called Heart Math. What we do know is that when a person's heart rhythms enters into a coherent state, they move become synonymous with emotions of peace, love, joy and gratitude... these are the qualities that create Greatness in Leaders.

What does my Effective Leadership Training look like?

In case you have not noticed, I do not tow the line of 'what-is' very often. I am an innovator and visionary and as a result, my Effective Leadership Training workshops will reflect a different approach from the traditional team building exercises.

Team building is certainly a critical landmark to success, but this is not the foundation from which I build.

I start with the power of one, and that is the power of knowing thyself. And only from a strong and powerful inner world, can we move to the outer world where we then build in partnering exercises, team building strategies and group work.

My primary goal in each Effective Leadership Training workshop is to deepen the leadership teachings on heart-centered personal change first, because if we start from a place of coherence, then cohesion and influence become secondary.

To provide true and effective leadership training, I teach the following concepts and principles at the workshops:

  • Understanding of the human energy system, and the levels of consciousness that are expressed (or blocked) based on the flow (or lack of flow) in the system.

  • Understanding of our Emotional Guidance System

  • Understanding and application of the basic and fundamental laws of the universe required for effective and deliberate creation.

  • Understanding of Personal Life Mastery Skills and Success Principles

  • Connection to Source Wisdom through Yogic Principles, Breath and Meditation Technologies

  • Congruence and Belief Patterning Exercises

  • Levels of Truth in Society as predicted by Quantum Physics and Human Behaviour Determinants

The other fascinating thing that comes out of the Effective Leadership Training workshops I host is that everyone who attends (from the janitorial staff to the CEO's and executives) becomes better leaders in their own life. And as a result, the companies who provide this opportunity to their staff find that the entire infrastructure becomes a ground up place of leadership, efficiency and responsibility.

Rather than building a corporation where only the CEO's, executives and managers understand how to lead and inspire, why not create an environment where each and every person is completely and wholly connected to the power and wisdom to lead from a place of heart coherence, cohesion and influence?

Final Words:

When it comes to Effective Leadership Training, through the power of oneness, I am eternally inspired by the energy contained within these words:

"It is so wonderful when someone gets an idea and is able to hold it purely enough that an entire movement or corporation will follow in behind it, because the movement of that Energy benefits everyone." ~Abraham-Hicks

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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