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Learn how to Use Your Emotional Guidance System

Did you know... your Emotional Guidance System is always on duty?

Yes, your feelings are your guide, you inner compass that let you know if you are moving in the right direction in life.

The only trick is that to be guided, you have to be aware of your emotions and in my experience, most people are not even aware of what they are feeling.

Something so basic as understanding your feelings has been lost. It is sad, but consider this all too familiar scenario:

Child: "Mom, you look sad. What is wrong?"

Mother: "I'm not sad dear, everything is just fine. Why don't you go back to colouring your beautiful picture."

Sound familiar?

The child, simply by the fact that she has not lived on this earth plane long enough to forget about her emotional guidance system intuitively picks up on what her mother is feeling. But what does the mother do - she denies it.

This denial is extremely confusing to a child who naturally wants to express emotion, but is told that her observation is incorrect.

The result: over time, the child learns too to suppress his/her emotions and soon becomes very disconnected from that innate emotional guidance system and inner compass.

Here's another typical scenario:

Child is crying while saying: "Billy took my toy car"

Adult intervenes in one of two ways:

  1. Through Denial: "It's ok, you are alright. Don't cry"

  2. Through Distraction: "Here is another toy car, just play with this one instead"

With either case, the adult is saying that expression of emotion is not permitted - aka more suppression.

Learning to Use Your Emotional Guidance System.

Learning is often simply unlearning.

You once knew how to tap into your emotions and that knowledge is still within you, you just need to pause occasionally to check in and see what you are feeling.

It takes courage to pause, to say "I have forgotten how to do this, but I want to learn again". You don't have to force it to happen, you just have to be clear about your intent in wanting it.

So throughout the next few days, start practicing the use of your emotional guidance system. When you think about it, stop what you are doing and follow these steps:

  1. Recognize whether you feel good or bad. All emotions fit into these two categories - ones that uplift you and others that drag you down. Simply start to watch your thoughts.

  2. Identify the particular emotion. You may not be great at this at first, but narrow it down a bit. Is it joy, bliss, confusion, hope, anger, rage, disappointment, etc?

  3. Use a chart like Lazaris' Tier of Emotions to pin-point where your emotion is on a scale of feeling the best you can (love, joy, freedom) or the worst you can (hopelessness, despair). If you are familiar with Abraham-Hick's work, you may find a similar chart in their books. Either one will work, just choose one.

  4. Then step by step, as if you are climbing a mountain, reach for the next best feeling you can in the moment.

As you continuously tap into what you are feeling and then from where you are right NOW, reach for a better feeling thought, you will be continuously and forever moving toward feeling better and better.

What do I do if my next best feeling is Anger?


So many people judge anger as being negative and they blame those who are feeling angry. But if today you are feeling angry, when yesterday you were feeling worthless, I say Hooray!

Anger has a momentum and action behind helps us move from helplessness and disempowerment to liberation. If you look back to Lazaris' Tier of Emotions , you will see Anger, Fury and Resentment as the first step on the transitional (middle) tier.

I am not suggesting that you stay in anger mode, as this would keep you imprisoned, but instead learn to express your anger and then move forward, reaching next for pessimism, sadness, pity or doubt.

Once a number of years ago I was reprimanded very severely by a former business partner for expressing my anger at a particular employee. At the time, this business partner told me I had no right to feel anger and that as a healer I should just "suck it up" so to speak.

This was a very good lesson for me, as I have been 'sucking it up' most of my life, and although I could have expressed my anger more appropriately, having expressed it at all was a really big step for me.

I am still learning to be more eloquent at expressing my emotions, but the key is that I don't blame myself for feeling anymore.

I have learned to honour my Emotional Guidance System and I have learned how to use it more efficiently. Now I can go from a place of hopelessness to love in just a half hour.

Your emotions are so critically important to your Well-Being and to pointing you in the right direction of creating, manifesting and attracting the life of your dreams.

If you have any questions at all, I'd love to assist, just ask...

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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