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Spark your Inner Wisdom and Passion. Set your Life on Fire with the Principles of a Health Coach.

Is your life on fire yet?

If not, that is okay, because mine is, and as a health coach, I want to give that gift to you.

There is no greater gift than that of finding the voice of your Inner Wisdom and the Truth of your Passion. I believe so powerfully in this principle, that I have dedicated my life to this purpose.

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No need to wait, let's start right now.

Answer these questions for me... and answer them as if you were 5 years old. Answer them as if there was nothing to stop you and that you had a magic wand that would 'poof', make all your dreams come true.

Ready? Here we go:

  • What if your life had a purpose and a potential beyond what you could currently comprehend
  • What if you could feel physically stronger and more balanced than ever before?
  • What if you could understand what makes you truly happy?
  • What if you felt healthier than you have in years?
  • What if you had more energy than ever before?

Did you actually think about the answers to these questions? Really massage them around in your head. Allow yourself the freedom of expression, just for a few minutes.

Now, take away the 'what if's' in front of each statement and imagine your answers were reality. This is where your life becomes magical and this is what I dedicate my life towards creating.

If you are willing to explore these ideas and open your heart to these possibilities, I invite you to take the next step on your journey. Find a health coach to mentor you.

How does having a health coach work?

In terms of what I do, I am a Certified Intrinsic Coach, which means that I work with you to establish your own best solutions for your greatest potential. This coaching style is based on one principle: each person is inherently Creative, Capable and Complete.

As a health coach, I will use my expertise to guide you, but since only you can truly know what you need, you are empowered to set your own goals and find your own answers.

Through my experience as a chiropractor, yoga and meditation teacher, running coach, writer, business owner and entrepreneur, trust that you are in good hands to deal with any variety of lifestyle issues and health coach sub-specialties such as:

  • Weight Loss Coach
  • Success Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Life Purpose Coach
  • Life Skills Coach
  • Relationship Coach

I am picky about who I take on as a health coach client. If I do not feel that we are the right match, or their particular concerns are out of my realm of expertise, I will be sure to refer them elsewhere. You should be picky too!

To help us both with the 'right fit' process, I start each potential client with an initial consultation. With no charge to the client, we are both able to choose whether or not to move forward and establish a coaching relationship.

The biggest criterion for me in accepting a new client is their willingness and readiness to do the work. As the saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

I don't live near you, what do I do?

The beauty of coaching is we can do it in person, on the phone or via Skype.

It works anytime, anywhere. Well, almost...I have one stipulation: that you adhere to my Eastern Time Zone specifications. Although I am open to speaking to someone from down Under, I'm not all that fond of getting up at 2:00 am to schedule a chat!

To explore your life, your wisdom and your passions in the relationship of a trained health coach, please contact me at your convenience.

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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