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Healthy Living Tips for Life Mastery

You may have guessed from the title, that this is no ordinary Healthy Living Tips advice column.

If you've read any of my work before, you know that I take a very different approach to health and wellness.

My approach is about achieving Life Mastery.

Life mastery comes from committing yourself to your relationship with You first.

Only with a healthy relationship with yourself first can you find your way toward a healthy, balanced and harmonic life.

So let's explore my two simple pre-requisite life mastery secrets that, when and only when they are mastered, will you be successful at implementing the various Healthy Living Tips that I will describe below.

Life Mastery Secret #1: Show Up

"It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."

~Abraham Lincoln

Bring yourself to your office, to your family and to your friendships with 100 percent presence.

They say that 80 percent of the effort is in showing up, so get rid of the mumbling and grumbling and just show up; and then see what happens.

It may surprise you!

Life Mastery Secret #2: Try Something

In the end it does not matter what you decide to do and if it turns out the way you had predicted or not; the True Master is the one who is not afraid to take action.

Kids are famous for saying things like "But I only came in third place."

In response, I say, "But there were a hundred other kids who did not even place because they didn't even try."

Somewhere along the line, all of us get the message that we need to win and if we aren't certain that we will win, we shouldn't even try. It would be too humiliating.

The humiliation comes from a life wasted in a lack of courage and lack of willingness to change and try something new.

We are afraid to be vulnerable, and as a result we don't even try.

Back to Our Healthy Living Tips

Ok, so now that we know our two primary directives, we can now take a closer look at all the specific healthy living tips that I know to be extremely beneficial.

I want to point out that not all of these tips will resonate with you. That is ok. Try on the ones that you like, and discard the rest.

They will not all be easy, you may struggle or hit roadblocks or even fail miserably. But in the process of life, there is born a freedom which only comes from:

  1. Showing Up, and
  2. Trying Something.

I promise, if you follow these two simple rules, life will become fun and learning to live healthy will become as natural as breathing.

This entire website is really one BIG list of healthy living tips, but I have chosen a number of specific healthy living tips to be included towards the end of this page.

As I have time to write more, you will see a link appear on each Healthy Living Tip, where you can click to see an expanded article on each one.

Keep reading, have fun and stay healthy!

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa's Healthy Living Tips List:

The Joys of Being Healthy Health is the one true joy that we all too often take for granted. We really only realize the gift when we are ill. And even if you are not 'sick' with a diagnosed disease, are you really healthy? Do you really understand the joys of true health?

Definition of Healthy Healthy is not the absence of disease as your medical doctor may lead you to believe. Let's be clear; just because your yearly blood work says you are 'normal', it does not mean you are 'healthy'.

Breathing for Health: Breath is Prana or Life Force Energy. How much are you breathing? Did you know that there is an accurate science behind how much you should breath? Over-breathing and Under-breathing is detrimental to your health. Find out more here...

How to Improve Your Health Even cancer is preventable according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. So why don't we hear more about how to prevent disease, rather than how to treat it. Learn why MOVEMENT is the one key principle in learning how to improve your health.

Green Lifestyle: Living a green lifestyle is more than a granola eating, hippie trend. It is as essential to our own health as it is to the health, wellbeing and survival of the planet and entire human race. The choice is yours. Act now and add years to your life and life to your years.

Sufficient Sleep: Over-working and under-sleeping: a recipe for ill health on so many levels. Here we'll examine what sufficient sleep means and what the physiological consequences are of insufficient sleep.

How Much Water to Drink: The simple act of adjusting your water intake can make dramatic shifts in your health. But how much is enough? Let's explore that very question and learn how to use your own urine as your body's daily hydration lab report.

Lemon Water Flavour your water naturally and detox your liver at the same time!

Natural Body Detox: Detoxification is one of the most overlooked health tips in the West. Use your own body rhythms and cyclical calendar to naturally detoxify your body.

Chronic Disease Self Management: Chronic Disease can be managed to a large part by you; cheaply, easily, safely and effectively. Learn more here...

Walking Benefits Hippocrates himself said, "Walking is man's best medicine". He didn't say "Run a marathon or compete in triathlons for good health." Just a half hour of walking each day is all it takes. So what are you waiting for?

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