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How to Improve your Health in One Word: MOVE!

How to improve your health is really so simple. It all comes down to movement.

You may be thinking: "But exercise surely can't be the only thing you need?"

You are right. I'm not talking about exercise only, but the broader concept of movement.

Here is the key:

Death = Lack of Movement
Life = Movement

So when asking yourself 'How to Improve your Health' you need to figure out how you can move every part of you...from your muscles to your digestive tract, to your lungs, to your brain, your liver and kidneys.

Movement is Prevention

Even cancer is preventable according to the American Institute of Cancer Research. So why don't we hear more about how to prevent disease, rather than how to treat it?

In my opinion, because movement takes work!

Movement requires that we take a holistic approach to dealing with all aspects and dimensions of our life. We need to keep moving forward in all areas or we end up with stagnation.

So think about that stinky, smelly, swampy pond full of leaches and very little life...that is what happens in our bodies too when we don't move.

Think about it, if we don't move our liver and provide it with liver detox foods or an occasional liver detoxification supplement, it stagnates and gets over-run with too much 'crap' to work efficiently. Some of the cells start to die and we as a whole, move toward poor health and dis-ease.

You can apply this same rationale to every part of your body.

And, as a refresher, for those of you who have forgotten the basics, there are 3 primary areas that we need to address when looking at how to improve your health:

  1. Physical Stress

  2. Emotional Stress

  3. Chemical Stress

Oh, you noticed, we are back to the conversation of STRESS. Yes, because all health, or lack of health, related issues boil down to what types of stress we are exposed to, and what we do to minimize the effects of stress.

Now, don't forget, there is good stress, or eustress and bad stress, or dis-stress; eating an apple = good stress versus eating a candy bar = bad stress. Your body has to do work in both cases, but in the former, the work required provides essential vitamins and nutrients for our growth. In the later, the work of digestion loads our system with a bunch of non-nutrients that our body will have to figure out later.

In a topic of how to improve your health, you simply need to figure out how to move from dis-stress to eustress.

Eight Practical Tips on How to Improve Your Health through Movement:

So now, let's look a little more closely at some practical tips for how to improve your health.

Like I said before, even cancer is preventable if we understand how to move our bodies appropriately.

In 1997, the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund (AICR/WCRF) produced a 670 page report that said that 3 to 4 million cases of cancer each year could be prevented simply with appropriate diets, physical activity and maintenance of appropriate body weight.

Astounding! Yet, most medical doctors are still handing out 1000's of prescriptions for harmful chemical compounds that do nothing but stagnate your body's ability to move and heal.

Instead, I would recommend that you start to take your health into your own hands and get informed. Here are some places to start:

  1. Physically MOVE your body through some form of exercise. Whether you choose the benefits of walking, starting a yoga practice, learning to swim or taking up golfing, find something that is fun and get going! And be sure to invest in the right equipment for the sport, like some good foot wear and a pair of quality orthotics.

  2. Nutrition for Life: learn how to stimulate and MOVE your digestive tract and supplement your food with quality nutrients that simply can't be found in today's depleted food sources.

  3. Organic Raw Food: ways to optimize your diet and MOVE essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals into your cells by eating raw and creating delicious green smoothies using kitchen aids like the vitamix blender.

  4. Understand Common Food Allergies that can deplete your immune system: Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Wheat and Gluten are among the most common allergies that can cause stagnation (lack of MOVEment) in your body and a whole array of symptoms often overlooked and misdiagnosed by conventional doctors.

  5. Brain Fitness: we now know through prominent books like "Brain Fitness" written by Dr. Robert Goldman, that your brainpower, like the muscles of your body, expand through exercises and with the help of various brain MOVING exercises we can take steps to ward off diseases like Alzheimers.

  6. Detox Cleanses: our bodies are already heavily loaded with chemicals, plastics, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, etc. So once again, as we learn more and more about how to improve your health, you will need to investigate how to MOVE these un-desirables out of your body through various detoxification practices.

  7. Weight-Loss-Coach: a valuable addition to your wellness team can be a weight loss coach. If this is something you have been struggling with yourself for years, perhaps it is time to ask for some professional guidance and MOVE those pounds out the door!

  8. Meditation Benefits and Yoga Breathing Exercises: learn various tips and techniques to MOVE to a place of calm and peace. Understand the depth of your mind body connection and eliminate all that unwanted emotional stress in your life.

Enjoy the feeling of movement in your body. With every breath, your lungs expand and contract, as do all the cells in your body as they take in valuable, life-giving oxygen and nutrients and release metabolic toxins.

I can't stress the importance of movement enough.

MOVE to a new You.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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