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How to Relieve Stress: Take Ownership and Relinquish Control

The thought of how to relieve stress can be quite complex and overwhelming if you let it. Instead, keep it simple.

In understanding how to relieve stress, ask yourself this:

"What part of this situation can I control"

Keep asking this question about all facets and dimensions of a problem. In this way you can make a list with two columns:

  1. Column A = areas that I can control and take ownership
  2. Column B = areas that I need to relinquish control and trust in the powers that be
  3. With Column A, you can get right to work and start acting on all those things that you can control. Perhaps it is as simple as knowing that you can control your heart rhythms through simple deep breathing exercises, your mental perception or positive self talk. Use this website as a resource.

    Once you gain control on what you can, you will find that you start to feel better immediately. Relief is in sight!

    Now that you are feeling more empowered, lets tackle how to relieve stress from column B.

    The challenge with anything that we cannot control is how the heck do we move on and not let it bother us? When someone is being abusive to us, or a family member is sick, we are left feeling vulnerable to external circumstances. This can leave us feeling dis-empowered, angry, anxious or even depressed.

    So we need a way of flipping on the power switch to our internal network of control and seeing the situation in a more positive light.

    A few years ago when I was dealing with some very challenging and abusive relationships at work, my doctor of natural medicine gave me a specific stragety for stress relief that really healped me understand how to relieve stress.

    Here is what you do:

    1. Grab a piece of blank paper
    2. Draw a circle in the center of the page.
    3. Within the circle write out one of the items in column B, in the form of a goal. For example, "To harmoniously co-exist with my co-worker, accepting all his ideas and opinions, even when they are different from my own"
    4. Next draw 12 more smaller circles scattered around the page.
    5. Within each of the smaller circles, find something positive about the goal you created in the middle circle. For example "He allows me to work on my patience" or "He provides a different perspective to my views" or "He is able to express his opinion without fear of others opinions."
    6. Take your finished work and tack it up someplace where you can refer to it often.

    It often takes months to reprogram your mind from a place of negativity or dis-empowerment, to one of relief and empowered thinking, so keep with this practice and reflect on it often.

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    Yours In Wellness,

    Dr. Lisa

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