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What do you do when the rubber meets the road? A Case of Job Burnout.

In the case of job burnout, everyone has two choices:

  1. Quit
  2. Stay

It does not matter what your choice is, because the bottom line of both choices means only one thing:

"I need a change!"

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No one is immune from job burnout. It can happen to anyone at anytime. In fact, The World Health Organization called job stress a "World Wide Epidemic".

I know this from personal experience...I have been there as a professional and business owner. For me, at different times, I choose both options. I did choose to stay for a while, but in the end I chose to quit and start anew. In both cases I implemented many life changes, but not until I took a good long look at ME.

I want you to take a look at you before you make the choice to stay or follow along with me as we sort out the many facets involved with job burnout...

Change can be a scary thought:

Indeed it can be for so many reasons:

  • What will I do?
  • How will I take care of myself?
  • Am I strong enough, smart enough, determined enough to make it?

Sound familiar?

Change is so vitally important, but it can have one HUGE downfall...if you don't understand what caused the job burnout in the first place, you are bound to re-create the same situation again, even if you choose to quit.

The key to successful change is to avoid getting caught in the Vicious Cycle. Don't set yourself up for another disaster...take the time now to figure it out.

How to avoid the Vicious Cycle?

First, get real with yourself, and take inventory of your LIFE.

Job burnout is a symptom that other things in your life may not be working exactly as planned. There are usually a number of fires burning and taking a broader perspective to understanding the depth of the challenge is a definite no-brainer.

Let's look at some examples of causes of job burnout that you may be aware of:

  • My boss is impossible
  • I hate my commute
  • My co-workers and environment do not suit me
  • I have too much on my plate and my skills are not suited for the position

Now lets, look at some causes you may not be aware of:

  • I never take the time to exercise
  • I do not journal or discuss my feelings regularly
  • I eat a very poor diet
  • I take a number of prescription or non-prescription medications
  • I have some challenges with my family life
  • I don't know what my life purpose is
  • I can't seem to find my passion any more
  • I feel powerless
  • I do not feel rewarded or satisfied
  • I feel guilty

If even one of these causes sounds familiar, I want you to get brutally honest with yourself and know that although your job is zapping the life out of you, perhaps there is something bigger going on.

The Trap of avoidance:

Accepting change is scary, but looking the truth in the face can sometimes be even worse. It is sometimes much easier to just avoid all the things that are going 'wrong' in life and 'blame' your job for being the culprit of your burnout.

Avoidance is a trap though. It may work for a while, but it eats you up from the inside out, until the only worry you have left is that of your health.

Because no matter what happens in life, there is always that tricky mind-body connection that trumps everything...if you are not happy in life, your mind knows it (even with the best poker face in the world) and soon, your body will give away your dirty little secret.

What to do?

The American Institute for Stress has implicated stress as the cause of nearly 90% of doctor visits in the U.S.

So why don't all doctors have on their prescription pads a direct line to a health coach, a yoga therapist or relaxation specialist?

The Prozac cure-all will NOT cure job-burnout, I guarantee.

My suggestions...start reading, writing and talking.

Use this website as a resource, or stop by your local book store. Then grab a pen and paper and start to list your passions and skills, your life regrets or your bucket list. And then share all of this with a friend, trusted therapist or coach.

Grab the bull by the horns, re-invent yourself and forget about getting caught in vicious cycle fuelled by the trap of avoidance.

Congratulations on taking your first step in reading this article...your dreams are within reach!

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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