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Community is a Basic Principle of Yoga.
Connecting with a Community and Kundalini Yoga Class Near You.

My goal in teaching any kundalini yoga class is to share with you a growing community.

I am very excited about the movement and the 21st century trend toward the establishment of socially conscious communities.

Individualism is out. Collective thinking, conscious leadership and transformational change is in.

Worldwide, kundalini yoga classes, and most yoga classes alike, have always held community as an important principle - a place where teachers and students alike can come to explore and grow together on their journey toward wholeness.

This website, and the services that I am offering are also deeply rooted in the principle of community. I have observed the differences between healing individually and healing in a group dynamic to be profound. I have also noticed this enhanced healing effect through the group health coaching programs that I have facilitated in the past.

As such, we are continuing to build and offer a yoga community, not only via the website, but in our hometown of Cambridge, Ontario and the surrounding Region of Waterloo.

My husband Clarence and I are both yoga teachers and we teach a number of weekly kundalini yoga classes and prenatal kundalini yoga classes out of our home, in local yoga centers, as well as for local charities and fundraisers.

We love the intimacy that comes from teaching out of our own home. We have space for a maximum of 5 students per class, and we enjoy getting to know each of our students and their needs as unique and spirited individuals.

In addition, I teach at a number of corporations and retirement homes. The beauty of this is that I bring the yoga to you. No need to make a special time in your schedule; just show up an hour early or stay an hour later and enjoy the benefits of yoga on demand!

If you already have a community where you can learn and grow, wonderful. Keep it up.

If you do not, and would like to become part of our growing community of yoga students and yoga teachers, please contact us about one or more of the following:

  1. As an individual looking to attend a kundalini yoga or prenatal yoga class,
  2. As an individual looking for private yoga instruction or yoga therapy work, or
  3. As an individual looking to co-organize a series of classes at your workplace or a chair yoga class at your retirement home.

For those interested in corporate yoga events, I am available in a variety of capacities:

  1. One hour, one time, special presentation or yoga class.
  2. On-going weekly yoga class, at a mutually agreed upon time.
  3. Whole and half day experiential learning workshops that may be structured specifically to meet the needs of your particular office and team dynamics.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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