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Connecting to the Teacher Within: The Gift of Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Meditation is about connecting to the teacher within.

You have all the answers within you, it just takes the practice of listening to hear them, and kundalini yoga meditation is wonderful at assisting with that very thing.

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for years, but did not stop searching until I found Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

I started dabbling in my own meditation about 10 years ago, then I joined a Hindu group that loved music and kirtan chanting...I fell in love immediately with the vibration of song mixed with the ancient Sanskrit words.

When I moved, I missed this group immensely, but close to me was a Buddhist temple, so for a few years I studied with the Buddhist Monks and meditated with their prayers and their beautiful language.

Eventually, I found my way to Kundalini Yoga Meditation and at last I felt I was home.

What is Kundalini Yoga Meditation?

It is a combination of breath awareness, inner silence and mantra. On their own, they are all powerful meditation techniques, and when combined in the way of kundalini yoga meditation, it becomes an extremely powerful practice.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is called 'house-holder' yoga. Simply, this means that it is meant to be 'power-packed' in just a short amount of time.

I don't know about you, but my life is way too busy to sit in a cave meditating for 8 hours a day...I have a house to run, a business to attend to, a family to take care of...and the 8 hour cave trip sounds way too extreme for my lifestyle.

Instead, I can meditate for an hour or two in the morning and reap the same effects as a life of solitude on a Himalayan Mountain Top. That certainly works for me!

Kundalini Yoga Meditation will allow you to awaken to the aspects of your soul that currently lies dormant.

Although I never like to make promises, I do promise that if you open your mind and heart to the process, magic awaits your life.

How Can I find out More?

Just ask!

I have dedicated my life to serving the world through healing, and kundalini yoga meditation is one aspect that I love to share.

Please contact me about coming out to one of our classes at our home in Cambridge Ontario, or invite me to your space (your home or office; any gathering space will do) and I can teach there.

I have also done meditation classes remotely before, and Skype is a wonderful tool now a days, so if you are not in the Cambridge Ontario, or Region of Waterloo, we can work through the means of cyber space.

Oh, and also check out more of this website. I have lots more tips and techniques right here...start by going to the meditation benefits page, and this will take you on an exciting journey into the magical world of kundalini yoga meditation.

Sat Nam!

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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