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Understanding The Mind Body Connection is the Key to Unlocking the Mystery of All Healing.

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The mind body connection is the sole explanation for the following question:

"Why is it that most illnesses disappear under hypnosis?"

Yes, you read that right. And no, I'm not kidding.

In multiple personality disorders, one personality can have insulin dependent diabetes, whereas the other does not. Also, from the perspective of a chiropractor, when you scan the nervous system of someone with a multiple personality disorder, who has a 'new' personality show up, the scan is clear, indicating there is no history or nervous system memory yet. That is, the mind and body have not had time to create patterns yet.

Weird I know, but extremely cool once you really think about it.

All of this really indicates that there is a unique mind body connection - a link between our mind and body that we can learn to control through simple awareness.

Mind Body Connection and Dis-ease

Are you familiar with the term dis-ease?

No, this is not a spelling mistake, there is a hyphen here and it is pronounced "Dis, hyphen, Ease."

We are not use to thinking of the body in terms of 'ease', where its optimal and harmonious states of being are balanced, but to really understand the mind body connection, we need to understand this very basic principle.

There is a concept called tone and each organ, gland and cell of the body has a preferred tone, that is, a preferred amount of innate tension. Either too little or too much tension will throw the entire system off.

Our bodies are very finely tuned, and even a slight alteration in the amount of tension held in a tissue can have devastating effects.

Consider the air in your car tires. Too much air may cause the system to burst and too little air will create a sluggish system that needs to expend extra 'gas'.

Our bodies are no different. Too much or too little tone will lead to inefficiencies and lack of 'ease' otherwise referred to as dis-ease. Once we have dis-ease, we eventually, over time, end up with full-blown disease.

Take for example type-2 diabetes. We have a mind that says things like, "I deserve that extra piece of chocolate cake." Or "I can skip breakfast and lunch, work my butt off all day and then relax at night with a big meal and glass of wine."

So this is where it starts - the dis-ease of our mind creates physical symptoms of dis-ease in our physical body. One piece of chocolate cake or one skipped breakfast won't cause diabetes, but perpetually induced cases of dis-ease will.

You may also have a faulty belief system that says nothing in life is ever much fun. You believe your life is tough and that you feel miserable as a result. Literally, you have created a belief pattern in your mind where you lack the sweetness and joy in life.

Until one day you find yourself waking up with the condition of diabetes...a lack of joy and sweetness in life. It started with an unbalanced thought pattern that turned into a chemical imbalance in your blood sugar, and eventually a shut down of your pancreas as a whole!

That is the essence and power of the mind body connection at work.

Mind Body Connection According to Louise Hay

One of my favourite authors and speakers of the mind body connection in modern times is Louise Hay. She is an international metaphysical speaker, healer and author who owns her own publishing company dedicated to books about the mind body connection.

Louise speaks to the very heart of knowing that every thought we think and every word we speak is creating the very fabric of our existence. So why not shift what we are thinking, saying and doing?

I would recommend that everyone have a copy of "You Can Heal Your Life", by Louise Hay on your bookshelf. As in this book, is a priceless list of physical ailments and their emotional, mind body connection.

For example, lower back challenges often represent financial woes and concerns; Asthma or other breathing problems can represent the fear of taking in life, not feeling worthy to take up space; and the common cold can represent too much going on at once, living in a state of mental confusion and disorder.

This book highlights conditions from constipation to cancer, allergies to anorexia, knee pain to migraines. All of which are rooted in a limiting thought pattern that creates dis-ease in our body's vibrational frequency.

If you are at all interested in this, I'd invite you to click the following link and watch a short 3 minute You Tube Clip created by Louise Hay and many prominent spiritual authors and scientists saying the same thing.

Where to go from here?

Know that you can tap into your inner awareness and to your own mind body connection. Use some of many of the tools on this website or connect with energy healers such as myself who can assist you in identifying hidden emotions trapped in the physical body.

Also try your hand at a personal practice like yoga, meditation or breath work. Healing is simply a choice, and you alone have the power to ask for something change.

If you'd like to continue to read more about the power of the mind body connection, and how you alone hold the power to create the very fabric of your life, please click the link to follow the Universal Laws of Attraction or check out any of the links below with related themes and content.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

Body Mind and Soul: Body Mind and Soul are the 3 aspects of healing, and are often healed in this precise order. By constantly focusing on the body, like many western doctors do; or by focusing simply on the mind, like a psychiatrist or traditional therapist may do; or by focusing only on the soul as you might find in a religious affiliation; you will find that healing will never be complete.

Heart Rhythms: Our heart has an electromagnetic frequency that extends up to 9 feet from our bodies. Depending on the strength of our heart rhythms, we can predict our level of wellness and our level of consciousness. Read more here...

Brain Wave Synchronization: Our brains have 4 different wave frequencies known as alpha, beta, delta and theta. By learning how to synchronize our brain waves into a more coherent pattern, we learn to express ourselves from a place of consciousness, peace and happiness.

Neuroplasticity: Neuroplasticity is the brilliant ability of our brain to learn and un-learn. It is the ability of the nervous system to grow new pathways and connections for things we are constantly focused on and to allow old pathways to die off if they are no longer being used.

Human Energy System: Our entire body is one big network of energy. In this article we will explore and describe the vast human energy system in practical terms. We will also learn to access this network in order to heal it.

Energy Meridians: The body has thousands of energy meridians, but here we will focus on the major meridians that pertain to various organs in the body. These meridian pathways are the principle of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Meridian Tapping: An extremely powerful and effective healing technique is meridian tapping, or more commonly known as emotional fredom technique. Whether you use it on yourself, your children or your animals you will find that understanding the principles of meridian tapping of great value.

Subtle Body: We are use to thinking that we have only one body - a physical one. But in fact, we have multiple bodies, the others of which are subtle in nature. Join me as we discuss this topic further.

Kundalini Awakening: Kundalini Awakening refers to the rise of energy up your spine, from the base of your spine upwards to the top of your head. As your Kundalini energy rises, it connects to all main chakras and all meridians to cleanse and clear your body's energy of debris. It is a powerful experience, one that I have had, but it can also be confusing if you do not understand the process.

Sushumna: The Sushumna is the central energy channel house in the middle of the spinal cord through which the Kundalini energy flows. On either side of the Sushumna runs another channel known as the Ida and Pingula. Together these 3 channels weave the left and right (feminine and masculine) energies together through the chakras.

Pranic Energy: Prana is the life force energy that we hold within our bodies. It is said that we are born with a certain amount of pranic energy and if we use up this prana we must die. There are certain ways to increase your pranic energy such as through healthy breath practices as well as our food choices. Let's explore this further...

Nadis: Most of us are familiar with our energy meridians, otherwise known as our nadis. Understand the basic science of where these meridians travel and how they can be used for healing purposes.

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