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Probiotic Supplement for Health and Happiness

Did you know that taking a daily probiotic supplement (good bacteria) was one Probiotic Supplement of the best and easiest healthy living tips you could receive to improve your overall health, wellness and happiness?

And here are the reasons why taking a probiotic is critical for every man, woman, child and even animal (yes, your pets too):

Fact: Did you know that the bacteria in your body outnumber the cells in your body by a factor of 10 to 1?

Fact: Did you know that the bacteria in your digestive system are responsible for 80% of your immune function?

Fact: Did you know that the majority of the serotonin (a happy mood hormone) in your body is produced in your gut?

The Sad Truth of Probiotic Supplements:

They are highly under-utilized.

First off, most Doctors and Veterinarians do not even know about probiotic supplements let alone their vast health benefit.

At the very least, if doctors are going to continue to prescribe antibiotics and medications that destroy gut flora, then they also need to prescribe probiotic supplements to go with them in order to keep the good bacteria flourishing.

On the topic of antibiotics alone, they are highly overprescribed, such that most children routinely receive up to 20 courses of antibiotics before the age of 18.

This is down right criminal in my mind.

Dr. Martin Blasser, MD of New York University's Langone Medical Center wrote the following in August 2011's edition of Nature:

"Early evidence from my lab and others hints that, sometimes, our friendly flora never fully recover. These long-term changes to the beneficial bacteria within people's bodies may even increase our susceptibility to infections and disease. Overuse of antibiotics could be fueling the dramatic increase in conditions such as obesity, type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies and asthma, which have more than doubled in many populations."

Sadly, my husband is burying his grandfather next week as a very result of medical ignorance about probiotics and gut micro flora. And I know that he is not the only one who has died or experienced severe health complications simply because a few months of probiotics were not suggested.

And secondly, so much of our food is over-processed, high in sugar, and low in fibre content - a recipe for disaster when talking about gut bacteria. This kind of diet will only promote bad bacterial growth and will not support health gut bacteria. Again, this puts the vast majority of people in the category of needing to start a daily probiotic supplement.

Many naturopaths and holistic doctors are realizing that taking a daily probiotic supplement is as important or more important than taking a daily multi-vitamin.

I for one, eat a diet high in organic raw food, where I am getting lots of fibre, no pesticides that serve to kill microorganisms, very little processed sugar and I certainly do not take antibiotics or medications, but I take my daily probiotic for prevention, vitality, health and happiness.

Foods that Contain Good Bacteria

Probiotic supplements are powerful, but not the only way you can get a dose of good bacteria.

Fermented foods are a good way to heal your gut, but they don’t seem to exist as they once did.

Modern pickles and sauerkraut are made with vinegar instead of lacto-fermentation using salt. Breads and pasta are now made with commercial yeast rather than being naturally leavened with wild yeast (sourdough). And all wines, beer and cheeses are now being pasteurized, again with the effect of killing off all the good bacteria.

So start to include things like miso and natto (fermented soy), sauerkraut and kimchi (fermented cabbage), and olives and pickles fermented naturally. You will find all of these items at your local health food store or search on line for recipes to make your own.

Be Aware: Commercially prepared yogurt and keifer are NOT considered foods that promote good bacteria and are not a substitute for a probiotic supplement.

Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. First off the milk is pasteurized (this is a whole other story, but for now, believe me when I say this is not health promoting);

  2. Secondly, food producers fill the yogurt and keifer with a tonne of sugar and artificial sweetener, both of which feed the bad bacteria, fungus and yeasts, while at the same time supress the good bacteria growth;

  3. Thirdly the bacterial cultures added are in such low numbers and they have such a short lifespan that by the time the product actually reaches your home for consumption there is virtually no bacteria left.

When to take my Probiotic Supplement

Be sure to take your probiotic supplement on an empty stomach - about 15 minutes before a meal. This is critical because the pH of your stomach is closer to neutral before a meal. Therefore there is greater chance that all the bacteria will survive your stomach acid and make it into your intestines where they grow and flourish.

Be sure to purchase a good brand of probiotics (as you would do for all your other supplements. They did a study recently and found that only 13% of all brands had the bacteria that they claimed and one-third of the brands had no live bacteria in them at all!

If you, your children or your pets need to go on antibiotics for any reason (and be diligent about your reasons), be sure to take a probiotic supplement before starting the antibiotic and continue for at least 4 months after.

Also, if you are going to a third world country, take your probiotics along and double up on the dose for the time you are there.

I hope this was informative and that you will be adding a probiotic supplement to your wellness lifestyle by the end of this week!

If you have any further questions, please contact me.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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