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Prosperity Books: Learning and Thinking Your Way to a LIFE of Purpose



Fill your bookshelves with Prosperity books!

Do you even have a bookshelf? I hope so, but some people live their entire life without reading one book of significance.

To me this is so foreign, as I am continually reading, learning, growing, thinking and expanding.

I read, because I know this simple universal truth: "As I think, so do I vibrate."

You may be thinking "Huh?" Which is good, because I now have you thinking!

Thinking is the basis of the universal laws of attraction and the how's of manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity. So, before you get to experience your dreams become reality, you absolutely need to get clear on the difference between 'good' thinking and 'stinking thinking'!

Whatever you fill your minds and thereby your thoughts with, creates your reality; your vibrational stand-point of attraction in life.

Your mind as a Factory:

Just a few days ago I was listening to a talk given by George Guzzardo of the LIFE leadership organization.

LIFE, by the way is an acronym for "Living Intentionally for Excellence". It is an online monthly subscription of books, CD's and DVD's. And the way it is set up monetarily, you can get them for free!

Who wouldn't want to learn more about Living Intentionally For Excellence...and for FREE?

This is not the place to get into the details of how this works, but I'd love to talk to you about it…just contact me at your convenience.

Anyways, George was speaking on the value of prosperity books, and the huge impact the LIFE organization is having on families, corporations and business' as they begin to understand and then apply the principles of right thinking.

George Guzzardo made the analogy that our minds are like factories...we can load up the production line with crappy workers and cheap raw materials which will eventually force us to go bankrupt once consumers inevitably realize they want to purchase things of value that are sustainable and lasting...

OR, we can make the choice to nourish our mind (our factory’s assembly line) with quality thinking and ideas such as that are found in the many prosperity books written throughout time.

The product coming off the assembly line (aka your LIFE) is directly dependent on what raw materials you are working with.

The entire premise of the LIFE organization is about promoting reading and listening to empowering speakers so that you begin to live your own life intentionally for excellence...that is PROSPERITY.

The 8 F’s of Prosperity Books:

People typically make the mistake that prosperity is about finances and getting 'rich'.

Wrong, wrong and more wrong.

Sure, finances are one aspect of prosperity, and having a hefty bank account gives you more freedom in life, but it is not the only component of prosperity.

Consider the richest people in the world...lets look at Hollywood as an example. They have a tonne of money, more than they know what to do with in fact, but do you think they are happy? Do you think they are fulfilled in life?

By definition, prosperity means to be in a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition. But if you have financial success, it does not necessarily mean you are flourishing and thriving in other important areas of your life.

To me, prosperity means thriving in ALL areas of life. It is a holistic (whole-istic) approach to life that really counts in my books. It is that holistic approach that has made this website and my life's work so effective.

Essentially, the LIFE organization has subdivided prosperity and their corresponding prosperity books and leadership tools into the following categories of prosperity:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Fitness
  4. Freedom
  5. Following
  6. Friends
  7. Finance
  8. Fun

But I don't have time to read Prosperity Books...

An excuse is an excuse is an excuse!

As a life coach, I have heard them all, but none of them matter. Either you want to prosper in life or you don't.

If you don't want prosperity, then don’t read prosperity books. Stick to watching the 'idiot-box' and reading the fictional-trash you are already engaged in...

BUT, if you want a different result; if you want something MORE, then you have to do something MORE.

If you are up to a challenge, keep reading...I dare you!

I double dog dare you!! (Remember the 8th F from above...I'm having FUN!!)

The Mental Fitness Challenge...

I am going on record as saying the mental fitness challenge is the best compiled, 90 day 'Get your head screwed on right' system out there.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate for me to say it is the ONLY mental fitness challenge out there.

I can't say enough about how it has transformed my own life, my family, friends and patients.

If you are even slightly curious, click on the Life image to the right and watch a short video introducing what this is all about.

Take the Mental Fitness Quiz and see for yourself if this would be of value to you and your mind's assembly line!

And of course, feel free to visit my LIFE Website for lots of other prosperity books, audio files and resources to get you back on track and Living Your Life Intentionally for Excellence.

Business Opportunity...

If you like what you see and want to own your own LIFE business and get FREE books, CD's and DVD's like I do, please contact me.

There are substantial financial rewards here and all you have to do is be willing to learn, grow and join a community of others who want to live better, more prosperous lives.

Are you ready to become prosperous financially while at the same time becoming prosperous in all areas of personal growth?

Living Intentionally For Excellence,

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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