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Quick Stress Relief: Breathe, Breathe and Breathe Again!

In reality there is nothing that comes close to the concept of quick stress relief, because true stress relief requires a lifestyle change - and that is anything but quick. Every man, woman, child and dog on the planet will resist change. It takes time, and therefore it is not meant to be quick.

But, sometimes life demands a quick response. We don't have time to find a quiet space to meditate, or go for a walk or even think about laughing at the situation.

So, my 3 rules for quick stress relief that work, guaranteed, every time are this:

  1. Deep Breath.
  2. Deep Breath.
  3. Deep Breath.

Presto! With just 3 deep breaths, your body, your nervous system and your heart will shift into a more coherent and manageable state. Now that is quick stress relief!

Breathing, is instantaneous in shifting our nervous system from overload to manageable.

And if we keep it up, we go from relief to tranquility - well, eventually.

With this one very simple quick stress relief tip, you will, on a micro scale, achieve the following:

  • Lower your heart rate
  • Initiate a process of programming your heart intelligence
  • Bring oxygen to your brain, clearing the effects of brain fog
  • Shift your mental perception
  • Alter the flow of pranic energy
  • Tap into the mind body connection
  • Start to detoxify your body through simple cleansing breath

I have a tonne of great stress reducers outlined on other parts of the website for when you are ready.

For now, continue to practice my quick stress relief strategy of 3 long deep breaths. Try it on for size for at least a week and evaluate for yourself how it is helping.

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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