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Relaxation Tips to Get the Knots out of Your Knickers!

There are as many relaxation tips as there are ways to get your knickers in a knot!

So we'll cover a number of the most common relaxation tips in this article, but first, let's talk about the oh so common "I don't know how to relax." or "I can't relax." comment.


Everyone knows how to relax. It is a hard-wired neurological response in the brain, which was discovered by a Harvard Medical Cardiologist named Herbert Benson.

Essentially the relaxation response is the opposite of the fight or flight response. It is located in the hypothalamus of the brain and when it is triggered, it sends out neuro-hormones that precisely counter-act the hyper-arousal effects of stress.

Just as we've gotten really good at activating our fight or flight response during times of stress, we simply need to learn how to exercise the particular part of our brain associated with relaxation. When we do, there are many predictable physiological benefits to the body which include:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Lowered Respiratory Rate
  • Lower Pulse Rate
  • Increased oxygen utilization efficiency
  • Increased alpha brain wave patterns
  • Overall sense of mental and spiritual well-being

Relaxation Tip #1: Sink or Swim

When you are in hyper alter and stress mode, there comes a time that you just have to choose: Sink or Swim.

You can choose to continue drowning in a mind that is spinning out of control, or you can take the time to carefully review and implement suggestions on this website.

The important thing is to finally make the choice and then commit to learning how to swim.

Reconnect once more with a state of balance in life, where your Fight or Flight Response learns to take a back seat to the Relaxation Response.

I will offer you a number of suggestions below, but remember that it does not have to be complicated. Your body already knows how to do it; you just have to practice.

Practice being quiet. Practice being still. Practice being aware.

Notice your breath, your heartbeat and the rhythm of the world around you. Be still and just notice.

If you spend much of your time in the city, in a noisy house full of kids or in a busy office building, your brain is conditioned for rapid fire and processing of all the sensory stimulus of daily life. Instead, introduce your brain to a quiet walk in the woods, a 4:00 am walk in the park if you can't get out of the city, or simply implement a 20 minute quiet time rule at home.

This is the first step. Now lets take a closer look at some other more sophisticated suggestions for Relaxation Tips.

My Top 3 Favorite Relaxation Tips

  1. Yoga: combining mental focus on postures, breath and mantra is for me the best way to wind down and stay healthy and flexible at the same time. Check out the Yoga Benefits, Yoga Types or the Flexibility Exercises section of this website for more info.

  2. Breath-work: also known as Pranayama or Yoga Breathing Exercises, this website has many tips and techniques to assist the body's relaxation response and to bring the nervous system back into balance.

  3. Mantra: The repetition of a word or phrase throughout the day can re-set your tone and vibration and help you shift from a negative mental loop to a positive one. For example, repeating the word 'love' or 'peace' or a simple phrase like "I am Loved" can be so deeply beneficial. I discuss more about mantra in the section on Meditation Mantra and Prosperity Affirmations.

Relaxation Tips Key to Success

Daily Practice.

You must do this daily. I know you may be averse to this, but I really cannot stress enough the importance of a daily practice.

Until I understood this principle myself I too hated the idea of having to do it. It was like a chore and I resented it.

You can take my advice or not, it is your choice. But coming from someone who learned the hard way, a daily practice, even just 10 minutes is worth more than a 1 hour practice 3 times a week.


Other Relaxation Tips

You will find many more relaxation Tips on the following pages. Please click below as the pages become available and enjoy the success of turning on your brain's relaxation response!

Savasana: The deep relaxation that follows all yoga classes is known as Savasana or corpse pose. It is about complete surrender, relaxation and releasing.

Relaxation Scripts: Get your free relaxation script here. This is a similar script to what I would use in one of my yoga or meditation classes.

Stress Relaxation Techniques: Here we take a closer look at how you react to stress and defining the stress relaxation technique that will work best for you.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Use this script to progressively relax every muscle and joint in your body. It can be used in cases of chronic pain as well as for overall deep relaxation.

Guided Visualization: Join me as I personally guide you on a visualization journey. I have recorded one of my favourite guided visualization meditations and combined it with the resonance of a gong in the back ground. You will be transported to a deep state of peace and deep relaxation. Enjoy!

Guided Relaxation: Once again I have recorded one of my favourite guided relaxation meditations. You don't need to take the effort to read it yourself, you simply need to turn this on, lie down, cover yourself up in a cozy blanket and prepare to relax and release all the tension of the day.

Endorphin Release: The feel good hormones of the body come out to play when you are feeling relaxed and at peace. Learn more about healthy ways to stimulate endorphin release.

Kundalini Yoga Music: I have yet to come across a more diverse and beautiful array of mantra music than Kundalini Yoga Music. It is deeply relaxing and immensely healing. It is my honour to introduce you to my favourite artists and the web links to their sounds and sights.

Have fun Relaxin' and Chillin' Out!

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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