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Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Strategies for Stress Relief

Stop procrastinating! Time to create solid plans and strategies for stress relief.

Whether your goals are to heal an illness, to age gracefully or promote health and vitality, the key is to create a plan of action that will gradually move you towards a daily life that is less and less stressful.

To help you create your own and unique strategies for stress relief, I will make some of my own suggestions that include daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines.

So get out those calendars and at the end of this article, I expect you to start setting up some strategies in bright red, green and purple ink!

Please remember that anything I suggest, is merely a suggestion. Use your own judgment and empower yourself to take my advice depending on what feels right in your particular situation.

In addition I will make some recommendations of things to avoid. These are strategies that I find tend to create more stress and damage in the long run, even if they appear to be effective in the short term.

Strategies for Stress Relief that you should Avoid

1. Mis-use of Vacations

  • I'm not saying holidays are not wonderful, but often I find people using vacations to 'vacate' their life. Holidays are not meant to be escape mechanisms, but rather fun times with a change of pace.
  • If holidays are your only fun time in life, then you are not living life to its fullest, as each and every day should hold moments of fun and joy.
  • Using holidays to unwind and find some relief from everyday life demands is ok, but if this is your only strategy, you may find yourself burning out eventually.

2. Over Doing the Stress Relief Techniques

  • Trying to do too much at once is a recipe for disaster. Take it slow at first, and every few months, build new your stress relief techniques naturally and comfortably into your lifestyle.

3. Ignoring your Feelings and Emotions

  • One of the biggest causes of stress is un-resolved or un-acknowledged emotion.
  • Give yourself permission to feel every ugly emotion: sadness, fear, anger, shame, blame, rage, etc. Find a safe place to feel, express and embrace them.
  • As long as you allow yourself to feel whatever is coming up, you'll be able to move on to more pleasant sensations of hope, appreciation, positive expectation, joy and bliss.

Powerful Daily Strategies for Stress Relief

  • Drink enough water
  • Eat Nutritous Food
  • Spend at least 3 minutes in Deep Breathing Exercises each day
  • Do some sort of physical activity for a minimum of 20 minutes each day.

  • Stretch your body for at least 10 minutes every day. Understand the fundamentals of relaxation and release all the tension in your body regularly. This can be especially beneficial before bed.
  • Watch your thoughts, because your thoughts become your reality. If you notice your mind racing or worrying about the past or future, take a minute to breath deeply and gently focus on something in the moment such as your breath, the birds outside or someone else's voice.
  • Go outside for fresh air at least once a day and pay attention to the beauty all around you.

  • Walk, work, and eat at a relaxed pace. Life is about the journey, not the destination, so don't worry about getting it all will never be done, so you might as well enjoy the moment.

Powerful Weekly Strategies for Stress Relief

  • Find a yoga teacher and attend at least one yoga class each week. Even if you have a regular and daily practice at home, you heal deeper when you are involved with a community.
  • Keep a journal to reflect over the week and begin the process of self exploration.
  • Learn to Meditate at least once a week, and ideal move toward a daily practice. It does not have to be a lengthy practice, even 3 minutes is a wonderful place to begin.
  • Dry Skin Brushing would ideally be done daily, but at least once a week to start.

Powerful Monthly Strategies for Stress Relief

  • Take time to see a healer regularly to balance your subtle body and human energy system. Depending on the person, anywhere from weekly to bi-weekly to monthly care may be valuable.
  • Do a detox cleanse regularly, at least 4 times per year, often seasonally. This may include a regular infrared sauna, bowel cleanse, liver flush, blood cleanse or lymphatic massage. Your physical body needs assistance in moving things forward.
  • Do a monthly creative visualization exercise to stay on track and moving forward with implementing new strategies for stress relief and live the life of your dreams!

Powerful Yearly Strategies for Stress Relief

  • Aim for at least 2 holidays a year, weather it is a weekend get away, camping or extended trip out of the country. Whatever your budget, make sure you take time off to rejuvenate and re-charge your batteries with a holiday stress relief strategy.
  • Set up a time for a year in reflection routine. I call it my New Year resolution process because I use New Year's as my yearly reflection point. Think back over the year and what it has brought you, what has been left undone and what you would like to work towards in the coming year.

I hope this was helpful. Please let me know and contact me at any time.

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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