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Stress Reducers 103: Beyond a Cookie Cutter Approach

I could sit here and list 103 different stress reducers, stress relief techniques or strategies for stress relief, but I don't believe that creating simple 'to do' lists will help you with your stress relief.

I know that we each have a mile long list of to do's and this is what is creating our stress in the first place.

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Instead, I want to teach you from the ground up to first identify what is causing you stress and then learn how to relieve stress. It is about understanding what got you to this stressed out and frazzled place in the first place and then figuring out which particular stress reducers will work for you.

Because you are unique, there is no 'to do' list in the world that would be a cookie cutter fit for everyone. This website is designed after years of coaching and private practice to give you not only tools to cope with your stress, but to really eliminate and minimize the many types of stress in your life, unique to you.

I want you to wander from article to article on this site and soak up the valuable tools and information that I'm giving you. If this is the first page you have landed on, great, but I hope it is not your last. I've seen the effects of putting all of this into action, and it works. It works amazingly well with just a bit of effort on your part.

I will continue to add to this website as dynamic and growing resource, so continue to check back and see what is new. For now, scroll down the long list of stress reducers and if any of them are calling your name, stop in for a browse.

I apologize in advance if all of these pages are not yet active, I have much knowledge to share, so please bear with me as I take time and care to write quality pages on stress reducers that will serve 1000's of visitors in years to come.

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

Meditation Stress Relief: Take the time to learn quick and simple meditation techniques to provide stress relief in only 3 minutes...the time it takes you to sit on the toilet!

Yoga and Stress Relief: Yoga has stood the test of time and the principles that apply today are the same at those used 1000's of years ago. You will fall in love if you just give it a try...a smorgasbord of yoga options for stress relief; find the one right for you.

Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief: Breath is our life force energy. Without it we feel drained, exhausted and stressed; simply we have forgotten how to breathe properly.

Stress Relief Relaxation: Check your shoulders right now...are they scrunched up to your ears? Time to learn how to relax and de-stress your entire body.

Massage Stress Relief: The sense of touch is so critical, yet highly under-utilized. Find out how massage can be helpful in your stress relief program.

Body Stress Relief: "The knee bone's connected to the hip bone..." And the hip bone is connected to the Universe! Every stress you encounter goes straight to part of your body...learn which stresses go to which parts.

Mechanical Stress Relief: How horrible is your posture? Let's take a closer look at the challenges not only in how you carry your body, but also in the devices that support your body: your shoes, your desk chair and even your bra!!

Stress Relief Stretching: Are you getting out of bed hunched over? Do you get up from a chair making those old person groans? You know what I'm talking about...time for a regular stretching routine.

Exercises for Stress Relief: I know from the statistics that 60% of people are not getting enough physical exercise. In reality I think this statistic is even higher. You may not like exercise, but perhaps it is because you have not been introduced to exercises that suit your particular body more.

Sleep and Stress Relief: Sleep is one of the biggest catch 22-s for people in stress mode. They are either too tired to sleep or they are so exhausted that all they want to do is sleep. Find out how to get out of this vicious cycle.

Pillow Stress Relief: I can't tell you the importance of a good pillow. You really need to experience it for yourself. I share with you the pillow I have found to work with ~80% of my patients in private practice.

Pets and Stress Relief: Animals have a very special ability to heal and help people distress. Although I knew it, this message really hit home at a healing workshop I did with a horse whisperer a while ago. (I'm also going to brag about my puppy here!)

Stress Relief Medication: Although I'm not an advocate of medication for stress relief, depending on the circumstance, it may be helpful in getting you out of a vicious circle. Let's explore that as an option with your medical doctor and see if this is right for you.

Homeopathic Stress Relief: Homeopathic remedies are energy medicines that assist the body in balancing itself - A wonderful tool to use in everyone's stress relief first aid kit.

Aromatherapy Stress Relief: Scents are very powerful aids to cleansing our emotional baggage and providing instant stress relief. Find out more...

Herbs for Stress Relief: Simple suggestions for how to incorporate herbs into your stress relief program.

Holistic Stress Relief: The end result of this entire website is a holistic approach to stress relief. Let me explain further how a holistic approach looks at the 'whole' person to bring their entire being (body-mind-spirit) into balance and harmony.

Stress Relief Food: What foods are particularly useful in terms of stress relief? Matching different foods to different stressors.

Healthy Diet for Stress Relief: A daily balanced and healthy diet should be on everyone's goal sheet. But is there a healthy diet that suits everyone? Let's redefine what a 'healthy diet' looks like and how it can provide stress relief.

Hobbies as Stress Relief: Hobbies provide stress relief because they are snap shot views into what brings us pleasure and passion in life. What if you could turn a simple hobby into a career?

Stress Relief Solitude: There is nothing like a lone walk down by the river to rejuvenate my soul. You are your best friend and if you don't like spending time with you, in solitude, from time to time, then perhaps we have hit a key source of your stress.

Holiday for Stress Relief: Holiday's can be one of two types: crazy running around with family and friends, or they can be relaxing and comforting...regardless of the version, they offer their own unique stress relief...bear with me a moment while we explore this further.

Humor Stress Relief: Science now shows us reports of fatal illnesses being 'cured' with laughter. Is it time to soften life and bring some humor back to all that seriousness?

Music Stress Relief: Look at these photos by Dr. Emoto showing us the healing power of music on our cells. I'll recommend some of my favorites too.

Vibration Stress Relief: The simple difference between feeling stressed and non-stressed is your vibrational stand point...let's take a closer look at the world of quantum physics and energy medicine to bring us stress relief through vibrational shifts.

Workplace Stress Relief: Since you spend almost a third of your life at work, you might as well take a moment and integrate some of these workplace stress relief tips.

Office Stress Relief: Take a look around the office at the hardware and structure of the office it drab? Are there electrical stress issues? What could you do to de-stress the office space?

Computer Stress Relief: In a world of growing dependence on computer technology, we all need to know how to cleanse and distress from what I call 'computer sickness'.

Stress Relief Kit: Make up a stress relief kit to take to a are some ideas.

Stress Relief Toys: Make your own stress relief toys. The act of creative play is a stress relief in and of itself.

Stress Relief Activities: Some quick activities you can use at your next staff meeting and help reduce some of the stress related tension that comes after a massive project or deadline.

Stress Relief Games: Wouldn't it be great to be a kid again? To go back to a time when all you had to worry about was whether to eat your Brussels sprouts at dinner? Play one of these stress relief games and teleport yourself to a worry-free kid zone.

Stress Relief Ball: My favorite stress relief ball recipe...make your own, but prepared to get messy!

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