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Illuminating the Realities of Stress Related Illness from a New Perspective

The body is a dynamic and highly regulated system that functions to adapt to internal and external stresses.

BUT, when we encounter excess stress, the body is thrown off kilter and is no longer able to balance itself. It loses its ability to adapt and integrate the input it is receiving from its environment.

Society's chronic stress is on a roller coaster cycle, where about 40 percent of Canadians work more than 50 hours per week, then crash on the weekend and start back up on high speed again Monday morning.

This period of heightened stress followed by a depressed fatigue state perpetuates imbalances in the nervous system. There is too much GO and not enough STOP.

From this perspective, our body math tells us the following:

Balance + Adaptability = Health

Imbalance = Inflexibility = Dis-ease

Where Dis-ease represents, at first, some mild aches and pains, but then escalates to serious stress related illness. So what do we do about it?

Let's attempt to look at stress related illness from a different perspective...

Looking at Disease Differently: Death by Stress

What I find interesting is that when someone experiences a disease state, the medical doctor diagnoses them with Cardiac Heart Failure, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer or whatever it may be. In reality all of these 'disease' states should be re-named "Stress Related Illness".

Do you realize that only approximately 10 % of all illness is genetically determined?

Furthermore, did you know that genes carrying disease, even cancer genes, are usually kept silent in the body unless there are abnormal stresses and environmental stimuli that 'turn on' the genes. When the genes are turned on, we experience any number of disease states.

So our mis-belief that we can't do anything about preventing a disease that is genetically based is HOG-WASH!

Consider for a moment what the Coroner's report would say if medical doctors started talking more about stress and less about a diagnosis of disease. Rather than saying "cause of death: Heart Disease" it would say death due to:

To me, this is the real truth. Heart Disease as a diagnosis doesn't really tell me much. But any of the above descriptors tells me all the key factors that challenge the body to maintain a balanced and healthy state.

Once I know the real cause of my dis-ease, I can take action to change it.

As Thomas Edison once said:

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Will you empower yourself to take your own action against Stress Related Illness?

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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