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Ten Tips for Stress Relief During Pregnancy


Stress relief during pregnancy is a BIGGIE!

Your entire body may feel like it is under attack: You can't eat like you use to, your sleep is altered, you have pregnancy brain, your hormones are all over the map and your body is morphing into something beautiful, yet unrecognizable.

If ever there was a time to get a handle on some good stress relief tips, pregnancy is definitely the time.

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In all the years of working with pregnant moms, common questions and tips continue to surface. As a result, I've compiled these tips into 10 of the most common ones for stress relief during pregnancy:

  1. Slow Down - When you are pregnant, you are living the essence of divine feminine creative energy. And this requires you to slow down. It is a time of preparation of bringing a new soul into the world and there is no rushing that little being inside you. Now is the time to connect to the rhythms of your body and the rhythms of your baby, which will be different from the rhythms of life up until now. Learn to ask for help and be okay with a little extra dust in the house or a few extra dirty dishes in the sink.

  2. Stretch Regularly - Your body is growing and expanding rapidly. Any area of constriction in your body, will constrict the freedom and growth of your baby. I have seen this regularly in practice and I would hazard to say that in-utero constraint is a vastly under-diagnosed challenge in today's world where we do not move and stretch enough. Stretching is certainly on the top of my stress relief during pregnancy list.

  3. Walk Daily - Your baby will be birthed through your pelvis and vaginal canal. The bones in your pelvis will need to expand like never before and walking is the best exercise to keep this area moving freely and expanding as needed. There are so many walking benefits to even name here, but at the same time be sure to not over-do it. You are still pregnant, so going from a completely sedentary life to walking 5 miles a day may or may not be appropriate for your particular condition. Please consult your midwife or health care provider if you are unsure.

  4. Drink Plenty of Clean Water - Your blood volume will double by the end of your pregnancy, and as such you need to take in more water. Also, your blood has to now filter your baby's waste products too and you will need additional water for this. If you are retaining water, it may be a result of an accumulation of toxins, and although you do not want to undergo any form of detox cleanse during pregnancy, simply hydrating properly will help tremendously with stress relief during pregnancy.

  5. Practice Prenatal Yoga and Meditation - Being pregnant, you have opened your psyche to the cosmos as you bring forth a new soul, bathed and surrounded by your own energy field. Everything you experience your baby experiences, and likewise, everything you are able to heal and let go of, so does your baby. You have an opportunity like no other time to clear your own as well as your baby's birth wounds, traumas and karmic ties.
    Prenatal Yoga and Meditation will assist you in this process, as well as teach you various ways to move and stretch your body. It will also connect you to the divine wisdom within - the same wisdom that conceived your baby, will grow your baby and will birth your baby. Your baby knows how, you just have to learn to let it be, naturally and in the baby's own time.

  6. Breath Deeply - often because of the extra weight, mom's forget to breath deeply into the abdomen, the home of your growing baby. There is nothing that creates stress relief during pregnancy quicker than breathing properly. For more tips and techniques on breath, go to the yoga breathing exercises section of the website, but avoid any breath of fire or rapid belly breaths if you are pregnant. Breathing is also important in keeping your uterine fluid alkaline, a key player in having a calm and happy baby.

  7. Find a Body Worker - Once again, because of the extra weight, and in particular the anterior distribution of weight, the body's center of gravity and entire structural system becomes severely challenged. It is very important to get checked regularly by someone trained in structural healing, such as myself who heals the structure through healing hands energy work, another chiropractor, cranial-sacral therapist, prenatal massage therapist, etc. This will help alleviate not only the pregnancy aches and pains, but will assist in freeing the pelvis for a more efficient and enjoyable labour and delivery.

  8. Get a Foot Massage - Yes, this would be a job for your husbands, partners or friends who would like to support you. Every meridian and energy pathway of the body ends in the palm of your hands and the soles of your feet. This is the basis of reflexology and having someone massage your feet can be such a wonderful stress relief during pregnancy.

  9. Get fitted for Foot Orthotics - I find so many issues in the feet arise from imbalanced pelvis structure and visa versa. And with the stresses of pregnancy, everything becomes heightened. So if you have a weak foot structure, a super high arch, a falling arch, bunions, or even knee and hip pain, orthotics is one of your best solutions. If you have been with me for awhile, you will know that I do not advocate just any orthotic, and if you are interested in learning more, please visit my foot therapy page describing the Foot Correctors quality orthotic.

  10. Eat Well - so much chemical stress in our lives comes from eating in-correctly. In pregnancy this is that much more important. Be sure to maintain a good acid base balance in your diet, take your pregnancy vitamins, get enough folic acid, understand the various morning sickness remedies and tips to minimize digestive challenges in pregnancy. Speak to a holistic nutritionist or naturopath for further assistance in this area.

I trust that this is a good start to stress relief during read about more tips from other mom's world wide, continue reading below.

Share YOUR tips for Stress Relief During Pregnancy

There is nothing better than hearing it directly from the horses mouth so to speak.

That is why I am creating a forum for the mom's and mom's-to-be reading this site to add their own tips and strategies for stress relief during pregnancy. I only have so much personal experience with being pregnant and with what other mom's tell me, so I'm asking you to help out and fill in the blanks!

Please share your valuable wisdom so that other pregnant mom's can feel safe, secure, nurtured and comfortable during this very special time in life. Consider this your mom-to-mom pay-it-forward time.

I hope to have this section ready soon...when it is, you will see a text box below where you can enter your TIPS. Thanks for your patience.

Have fun sharing...

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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