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Stress Relief Food is not the same as Comfort Food!

Many people mis-understand that stress relief food is NOT ice cream, potato chips, cookies, candies or chocolate.

In fact stress relief food has absolutely nothing to do with comforting you. Comfort food is all about emotional eating, and we all know that emotional eating is simply a replacement for a deeper underlying challenge.

Emotional eating may feel good during the fleeting moments it takes you to down that container of ice cream, but we all know that you feel worse afterwards.

So why do so many of us make bad choices when it comes to stress relief food?

Roger Gould, from his book "Shrink Yourself", says this:
"Food was transformed from a simple source of nutrition to a reward, a diversion, a punishment, a love object, a friend. Once that happened, food became a way to control your emotions and to deal with your feelings of powerlessness."

My goal in this article is to help you understand that stress relief food, unlike emotional or comfort food, is food that nourishes you from the inside out; it balances what your body needs in a healthy and natural way.

And in doing so, it empowers you.

Is this a new concept? Did you know that you can specifically choose your food in order to satisfy the core bio-chemistry of your body needs and help yourself to move out of stress mode and into relief mode?

Take a look below and learn more about stress relief food.

Examples of Great Stress Relief Foods:

  • Green Leafy Vegetables: In my opinion these are a star and are highly under-utilized in everyday nutrition. They are a rich source of minerals (including iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium) and vitamins (including vitamins K, C, E and many B vitamins), many of which get severely depleted in the body during times of stress. They are also high in phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants like beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and quercetin, which prevent disease, including cancer. Grab some spinach, kale or collards and feel the waves of stress disappearing!!

  • Foods Rich in B Vitamins: B vitamins are critical in times of stress. They are important for nerve and brain health, immune system function, cell growth and repair. You can consider taking a B-complex vitamin or start eating more whole fruits, vegetables and high quality proteins like lentils, chickpeas and quinoa.

  • Calming Herbs: Chamomile, Sage and Lavender top my list in this category. Consider making a tea, cooking with them or purchasing the herb in an essential oil formulation and massage a drop of the oil into your temples, neck and shoulders.

Stress Relief Foods to Avoid:

  • Caffeine and Alcohol: When you are stressed, your nervous system is out of balance and the last thing you need is to intake a lot of stimulants or depressants. This will wreak havoc on an already delicate system.

  • Sugar: Sugar will cause your blood sugar to spike and then plummet very quickly, causing you to move into a yo-yo type of mood swing. Definitely something that you want to avoid when you are already feeling stressed and overwhelmed. NOTE: Sugar Toxicity is a major problem in society, so if you are craving sweets, this is a red flag to ramp up your protein intake. And another word of caution: avoid Artificial Sweeteners at all costs; they are toxic and extremely dangerous!

  • Trans Fatty Acids: Found in our favourite sweets, pies and deep fried goodies. They will compromise your immune system and also put more stress on your heart. And when you are already feeling stressed, if you recall our article on Heart Intelligence, you do not want to further lower your heart rate variability for short term gratification in a bag of chips! There are plenty of healthy oils that you can safely indulge on.

Hope this helps.

Next time you want comfort, try some carrot sticks dipped in chickpea hummus and a cup of chamomile and lavender tea...and if you have to keep your diet of chocolate, reach for a small square of dark chocolate instead (I know, Rome wasn't built in a day!)

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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