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Stress Relief Techniques: Like Water off a Duck's Back

Stress relief techniques are a must know for all life success tool kits, because stress is the un-avoidable, yet potential silent killer that creeps through our life.

In order to live on the planet today, we have no choice but to encounter stress. Therefore, we have no choice but to look for stress relief techniques.

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Although we do not have a choice about having some stress in our lives, we do have a choice on how we internalize the stress.

Answer this question:

  1. Are you the type of person where stress washes off you like water off a duck's back? Or...

  2. Are you the type of person who swallows stress, and pushes and shoves it down, deeper and deeper into your body and soul?

Many of you visiting this website will be answering affirmative to #2...great. You definitely need some assistance, so let's get right to work.

Work! No, way...this is where most people get lost. They aren't willing to put in the effort toward improving their stress and their well-being.

The thing is, work does not have to be laborious and grueling. It can actually be FUN! And the more FUN you make it, the greater your chances of success.

Here are my suggestions in a simple, Three-Step "How to" Guide for finding the stress relief techniques that are right for you:

Identify - Observe - Act

  1. Identify first where the majority of your stresses exist.

  2. Observe and reflect on where you have identified your major stresses and spend the next 2 weeks simply observing your stresses and watch your thoughts. Often our stresses are unconsciously created, so by simply observing we can better understand our own processing.

    • At this stage, we do not want to implement change, but simply watch where we get fired up and how this makes us feel internally.

  3. Begin to take appropriate action in the areas you need.

    • My suggestion is to start small...don't try to overhaul your entire life even if that is what you feel needs to will happen, but over time and in small steps.

    • Start with the most basic quick stress relief process and build from here.

    • As this website grows, look for more ideas on specific stress reducers in each of the three types of stress you identified in part #1.

    • Check out the sections on relaxation tips, yoga breathing exercises, meditation benefits, benefit of yoga, re-invent yourself, authentic happiness and more...

    • If you are goal oriented, as I am, please refer to the effective goal setting section and above all else, remember to find what brings you JOY and do that.

    • Make your stress relief techniques FUN and you will succeed hands-down.

Each time you implement something new, go back to step #2 and observe. Check the changes and see if it is working...always remember to put your scientist hat on and re-evaluate what is working and what is not.

Wash - Rinse - Repeat the stress relief techniques process until you have mastered your life overhaul and you finally look like the duck shaking the water right off his/her back.

For many of you, this site will be invaluable. For others, you will not be able to do it alone. There is no shame in asking for help, so please do. I am available for personal health coaching, healing hands energy work and yoga therapy yoga therapy...all you have to do is ask!

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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