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The Joys of Being Healthy: Become a Health Magnet


The joys of being healthy start and end with one word: FREEDOM.

To me, health is the ultimate gift of life and the joys of being healthy are seldom appreciated, respected and honoured.

Society does not revere health the way I believe we should, for if we did, we would not have the disease rates we do; we would not have polluted water ways, toxic processed foods, over-medicated individuals or a deep lack of emotional and spiritual connection.

If we would see the Truth and Beauty in Health, we would all make conscious choices of a very different magnitude. And I do believe we are moving towards greater freedom in this regard, but there are still great strides and advancements to be had.

Where there is joy, there is health - the two are synonymous. Likewise, where there is fear and sorrow, there is death, disease and destruction.

Let this article serve to inspire you to choose the former - for yourself, your family, your community, your country and your world.

Become a magnet for health and share your vision of JOY with the world!

How to Become a Magnet for Health, and therefore experience the JOYS of being Healthy

I love the idea of seeing yourself as a magnet for health - a powerful creative attractor in your life - because the more powerful your magnetic point of attraction (according to the universal laws of attraction), the more you become a container for Joy.

The thing is that joy is the stuff of all potential and possibility. When you feel alive, healthy and full of energy, you become an unstoppable force and there is nothing you cannot be, do or have.

When you loose your health, even for a brief moment in time, say you get the flu or a sore back, you very quickly loose your zest for life and therefore all other desires to create and experience tends to drop away. And if you become chronically ill, you risk a negative downward spiral, never able to live up to your potential.

So how do I do it? How do I become that magnet and experience all the joys of being healthy, especially if I'm not feeling particularly healthy or joyful to begin with?

Here is how:

  1. Acknowledge where you are now. Appreciate and respect the experience of the Power of Now. Be Ok with how you are, who you are, what you are and where you are. No judgement, just awareness.

  2. Expect change. Know that there is no law of permanence in the universe. Everything is in a constant state of flux and so the condition that finds you here and now, can be changed.

  3. It is your will power that will offer the vibration of change. Again, know that all universal laws point to the concept of "My Life, My Choice" and therefore you are in the driver's seat. Change allows all things you do not want to drop away, and all things you do want to be attracted to you.

  4. Give your positive attention, focus and awareness to that which you want to attract. Become the magnet visualizing the joys of being healthy flooding into your experience. Feel the joy and the excitement of the creative process, and use your emotional guidance system to keep you on track of positive feeling intentions.

  5. Let Go and Let God. The universe will create it for you if you just allow. You need to develop unwavering trust in your desire and practice the law of detachment, for you do not get to put a time frame on when it will happen, nor do you get to dictate how it will happen. Just know that it will according to divine and right timing.

  6. Give Thanks. For all gifts big and small, the 'good' gifts and the 'bad' gifts are still gifts from the Universe. So develop a strong and affirming attitude of gratitude.

And Repeat. Over and over, continue to move through the steps of becoming that powerful magnetic attractor to the Joys of Being Healthy.

For myself, I could write pages and pages on the joys of being healthy, but rather than bore you all with my own stories and anecdotes, I was hoping that you would share your own stories for others to read and become inspired by.

Joy is contagious, so share in the creation of a health epidemic here!

Yours In Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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