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Third Eye Chakra: Tapping Your Intuition

Third Eye Chakra The Third Eye Chakra is a mystical and powerful vortex of energy. It is the chakra of intuition - our sixth sense that allows us to see the world through an inner eye that brings clarity and light to situations that may otherwise seem dark.

Through the lens and the power of psychic sight, the third eye allows us to look beyond duality and transcend time and space. As we do so, the energy of the third eye allows us to 'light a candle in the darkness', so to speak.

This is the sixth chakra numerically, and it is ruled by the element of light. It is also known in Sanskrit as the Ajna Chakra, which means perception.

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Physical Location of the Third Eye Chakra:

The sixth chakra is physically found between the eyebrows and therefore you will also hear it referred to as the brow point, a common place to center your gaze and focus during meditation.

In the body, the sixth chakra includes the eyes, hypothalamus and pituitary glands. This is a very important center as the pituitary is known as the master gland, the gland responsible for all hormonal function and body chemistry balance in the body.

The energy of the third eye chakra vibrates at the light frequency of the color indigo.

Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra Symptoms:

In a healthy maturation process, we gain experiential wisdom and we learn to discriminate between what is real and what appears to be real. We learn to tap into our 'gut' instincts rather than staying solely focused in our rational and logical minds.

If however, we do not mature sufficiently, our human energy system never opens to the higher chakras and we remain stuck in the lower centers of survival, hunger, thirst and sexuality.

When this happens, it leads to a number of core emotional, health and life survival issues, and in the sixth chakra in particular, this is what you tend to see:

  • Feelings of confusion and being "out of it" - out of touch with the body and its sensations and feelings
  • Avoidance of experiential wisdom
  • Over reliance on intellectual analysis
  • Lack of Focus
  • Nightmares
  • Eye Problems
  • Headaches
  • Sinus challenges
  • Hormonal Disruptions which can lead to any number of whole body challenges

Balanced Third Eye Chakra Manifestations:

When properly nurtured and when surrounded by intuitive, sensitive and balanced caregivers and teachers we learn to trust our intuition, even if it does not make sense logically.

And when given this gift, in a balanced state, the third eye chakra will manifest as follows:

  • Clear Perception and Clairvoyance
  • Being comfortable in your own reality; accepting of who you are, where you are, what you are and how you are.
  • Being able to see the energy of form and non-form

Yoga Exercises to Heal and Balance Your Third Eye Chakra:

There are many detailed yoga sets and meditations that we could discuss when looking at balancing each of the 7 chakras.

Because of the need for proper and supervised instruction, I go into great detail on healing and balancing the chakras in my Chakra Kundalini Yoga Retreat Program, but for now, let me leave you with a few poses to get you started at home:

  • Meditating on the Third Eye (eyes closed, focused between the eyebrows)
  • Kirtan Kriya
  • Archer Pose
  • Whistle Breaths
  • Yoga Mudra
  • All exercises where the forehead rests on the floor, such as Baby Pose

If you have any questions, speak to your own yoga teacher or contact me at your convenience.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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