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Vitamix Blender; Raising the Bar on Whole Food Nutrition

Vitamix Blender

My Vitamix Blender is so important to me that it would be the one thing I would take with me if I was moving and could only transport one item from my kitchen to my new home.

This one machine has changed the health of my entire family and we use it every day...I even travel with it when we go on vacations!

Why? It is just a blender you say?

I say, "That is blasphemous!"

To say that a Vitamix Blender is just a blender would be like saying a bulldozer is just a big shovel!

The Vitamix is listed in many sources as the best High Speed Commercial Grade Blender for Household use:

  • It has a 2.0 or 2.25 HP (that is Horse Power) Motor
  • The Blades are designed as hammer milling blades and will NEVER go Dull.
  • The warranty is 7 years and the customer service is par none.

Here is what others are saying about this awesome machine:

"I have been using my Vitamix® machine for years and years - every day, several times a day. In the meantime, I have had my car in the shop various times, had to get a new cell phone, had to get my computer fixed, and the blender just keeps working beautifully. It is a workhorse, and I absolutely appreciate the value that I have received from this wonderful appliance. I blend everything - I'm talking about nuts, seeds, chocolate, coffee beans, veggies, fruits, ginger—and it never, ever fails me. I love this machine, and I depend on it—and it has shown me that I can depend on it no matter what I’m in the mood for. I just want to thank you, Vitamix, for making such a quality item. Thank you!" - William L., Redding, CA

The Vitamix Blender is Essential to Whole Food Nutrition

The key for anyone wanting to improve his or her nutritional status is to get high quality, dense and easily absorbable nutrition.

The only two ways to do this is through juicing or blending. My own personal opinion is that blending is superior for the average person. Juicing may be good in extreme cases, but for most of us, I'd recommend WHOLE FOOD Nutrition, and that only comes from eating the WHOLE FOOD!

Juicing separates the liquid from the fiber and pulp, which gets discarded. And since I don't like to argue with Mother Nature, I prefer to eat the WHOLE fruit, veggie and nut.

You can check out my pages on Green Smoothies, Organic Raw Food, Chlorophyll Benefits, Nutrition for Life, or Whole Food Vitamins for more information on whole food nutrition, but for now, I want to introduce you to the Vitamix Company and Website...

How do I find out more about a Vitamix Blender and if this would be something of value in my own family kitchen?

Simply go exploring!

You can explore in one of two ways:

  1. The Vitamix Website (www. has many resources including:
    • Videos of the Vitamix Blender in Action
    • Recipes
    • Various Product Descriptions
    • So much More...

  2. Call and speak to Account Manager, JP Minard, directly. If you don't like ordering over the internet, JP will be happy to answer any questions and process your order over the phone. You can call him directly at 440-782-2303 (800-848-2649, extension 2303).

Free Shipping Discount Code

Don't forget to mention the following code so that you receive free shipping: 06-007957.

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And as always, if you have any questions for me directly, please contact me at your convenience.

Happy Blending!

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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