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Watch Your Thoughts and Create Your Destiny

Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become character.

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

The power of your thoughts are indeed linked to your destiny. It all starts in your mind and only you have the power to choose to amplify the great thoughts and minimize the destructive ones. This is the simple power of the universal laws of attraction.

Watch your thoughts

The ability to watch your thoughts however is not always that easy.

Our mind's sole purpose is to be busy and to spit out something on the order of 60, 000 thoughts per day, or 2500 thoughts per hour. That puts us at 42 thoughts per minute. Meaning that your brain shifts focus nearly every second!

Can you spell Attention Deficit Disorder?

If you have ever sat down to learn to meditate, you are fully aware of how tough it is to pay attention and ignore all those pesky, distracting thoughts.

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Watch your thoughts for a Peace of Mind Make-over

Yes, you have a never-ending reel of thoughts playing in your mind all day, but more important than the quantity of your thoughts is the quality of your thoughts.

Because it is the quality of your thoughts that you need to watch in order to find that ever sought after peace of mind.

It is time for a Watch your Thoughts experiment:

  1. Slowly begin to pay attention and simply watch your thoughts. Do not judge them; just acknowledge them. Do this for 2 weeks.

  2. Then, begin to consciously intervene. When you notice a negative thought arising, replace it with something positive. If you can't think of anything positive, on the spot, come up with an affirmation for yourself that you can use all day long. Something like "I am beautiful" or "I am worthy of respect". Do this for 2 weeks.

At the end of a month, notice any changes in your mood, overall stress levels and happiness levels. It may take longer than a month, but it is my guess that you will begin to notice small changes.

Often, you may not recognize the changes within yourself but others will. You may find your co-workers smiling around you more, or a friend saying "you seem different lately, what has changed?".

Embrace the complement and continue watching your thoughts for a positive peace of mind make-over.

Watch Your Thoughts Short Cut:

Now that you've become a scientist and have begun observing your thoughts and shifting the negative ones to positive ones, I'd like to ask you this:

"How did you know that you were in the midst of a negative thought?"

You may or may not have tuned into this short cut, but it is your emotions that guide your observation. We all have a wonderful Emotional Guidance System and it allows us greater ease of interpreting what is going on in our heads.

Because you have so many thoughts each day, you cannot possibly monitor them all, but you can monitor your overall emotional standpoint. If you feel happy, be assured you are having positive thoughts.

But when you feel frustrated, angry, sad or overwhelmed this is your short cut to knowing that your thought patterns need a boost out of the gutter and QUICKLY!

Whatever you have to do, stop what you are doing and get a positive thought playing in your brain instead of a negative one.

What affects our Quality of Thoughts?


Yes, we are back to harping on that 5 letter word again.

Our stress levels and therefore our general state of health and well-being will affect the quality of our thoughts as well as our ability to watch our thoughts with clarity and make that important shift towards positive, life affirming thoughts rather than destructive ones.

If you are stressed about anything (and remember there are many types of stress), you will find it harder to watch your thoughts, and by default it will be harder to choose quality thoughts...a cycle leading to more stress and poor health - mental, physical and spiritual.

Watch Your Thoughts: Science and Research

There is really fascinating science that demonstrates how our thoughts affect our body structure.

Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote a book called The Hidden Messages in Water that describes all of his research, but briefly, he flash froze samples of water exposed to different words, sounds and pictures, and then photographed them.

Our bodies are 70 percent water, so it stands to reason that the molecules in our body would react similarly when exposed to vibrational offerings such as "You make me sick" or "I love you".

WIthout breaking copyright code, I cannot point out directly with a photo what I am referring to, so please take a moment to click on the following link directing you to a You Tube Clip that will help you see exatly what I am referring to...enjoy, it is only 3 minutes in length.

So be sure to watch your thoughts and use your emotional guidance system to tune into what you are projecting and creating in the world.

Thoughts can be as poisonous as arsenic, so choose wisely, and be happy.


Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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