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Weight Loss Coach: Beyond Diet and Exercise

Being a Weight Loss Coach is a significant portion of my Health Coach roles.

Statistically, 24.1 percent of adults in Canada and 34.4 percent in the United States are obese. If we also include those who are overweight in addition to being obese, the statistics move closer to the 57 percent range.

World obesity statistics are following very similar trends.

Then there is also the issue of childhood obesity. Canadian statistics indicate that approximately 26 percent of children aged 2-17 are currently overweight or obese. That number has tripled in the last 25 years alone.

And if this trend continues, it is estimated that in 20 years, we can expect 70 percent of the 35-44 year olds in Canada to be overweight or obese.


Scary, in fact.

It is not surprising then that many of my coaching clients are requiring the specific assistance and expertise of a weight loss coach.

The big question is why does this trend still exist and why does it appear to be worsening. With all the many weight loss coach programs out there, with all the education and training and promotion to eat well and be fit, what is wrong?

Why do typical weight loss coach programs fail?

Because they are only looking at 1 or at best 2 components to weight loss, when in actuality there are 3 areas that need to be simultaneously addressed. And until they are all addressed as a whole, the weight loss results will be marginal at best.

The whole in any weight loss coach program that needs to be addressed is the following:

  1. Diet and Biochemical Life Stresses: eating nutritionally healthy and balanced meals for your own unique metabolism, as well as detoxifying the body of biochemical stresses.

  2. Exercise and Physical Life Stresses: choosing fitness appropriate activities for your unique metabolic body type.

  3. Mental Re-training and Emotional Life Stresses: understanding your emotions, their connections to food and our emotional baggage that literally becomes dead weight in our bodies.

For the most part, there are weight loss programs that deal with either diet or exercise, sometimes both, but never the mental component to weight loss.

Popular name brand programs like Weight Watchers, Ginny Craig and Herbal deal primarily with the Diet aspect. Other programs set up by various gyms and health clubs deal primarily with exercise.

I'm not saying anything negative about these programs. They work well within the limits they have, but if the goal is for sustainable weight loss, health and vitality, they will not succeed.

And even if they succeed in helping you drop the weight, report after report indicates that 80-90 percent of individuals who lost weight will gain it all back, plus more within 1-2 years.

Until we learn to address all three levels of weight gain, through a properly constructed weight loss coach program such as the one I, myself, and many holistic doctors offer, we will fail to reverse our obesity trends.

The Issue of Genetics in Weight Loss

As a weight loss coach, I feel the importance of examining the topic of genetics for completeness.

I do believe that genes may play a role in a small percentage of people. There is certainly growing scientific support for such a conclusion. However, for the most part, it is my opinion that blaming your weight issues on genetics is a cop out!

I personally do not believe we can attribute this dramatic trend in obesity solely to genetics.

Simply, obesity issues never existed 100 years ago, and scientifically speaking there no evidence to support the fact that the human race has evolved significantly enough to support this hypothesis.

What does a typical Weight Loss Coach Session Look Like?

As a weight loss coach, we will begin by discussing your health history and anything relevant you would like to share with me.

I will also ask you to make a list of your goals in all dimensions of life: physical, bio-chemical and emotional. And depending on your unique desires, we will create a program specific to assisting you in your journey.

The topics that we cover during a weight loss coach program are:

  • Choosing a yoga program that will help shift your metabolism. For more information you can take a sneak peek at the weight loss with Kundalini Yoga, as well as the weight loss and yoga page.

  • Working on a Detox Cleanse that is appropriate for your body.

  • Understanding the value of exercise and specifically, simple walking benefits.

  • Examining mental concepts such as the mind body connection, effective goal setting and positive self talk, keeping a journal, creative visualization, etc.

  • Exploring nutrition for life concepts like organic raw food, common food allergies that can keep weight on, and acid base balance.

I really love this work, as I do all my work, but the coaching in particular has a sweet spot in my heart. Watching someone turn their life around for sustainable change that not only affect them, but everyone around them. It is extremely rewarding.

So if you have been struggling with weight loss and feel that a weight loss coach would be of value to getting you on the right track, I'd love to hear from you.

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Lisa

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