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Yoga TypesThe ABC's of the Different Yoga Types

There are in total 22 primary Yoga Types.

This can become quite confusing for those new to yoga and are not sure which types are best suited to their personal situation and uniqueness.

Below, I will go through a general description of what each of the types mean, and I will also include a number of yoga types that have been developed for healing in specific situations.

How do I know which of the yoga types to choose?

There is really no wrong choice, because all yogic paths and traditions ultimately lead to the same outcome: peace and inner wisdom.

If you are drawn to one path in particular, then give it a whirl and try it on for size. If it feels good, stay with it; if it does not, try something else.

For me, I have chosen to focus primarily on the art of Kundalini Yoga, which is about the power of awareness and potential in each individual. This reflects for me, my entire essence and purpose in life, and you will see this reflected in my mission statement.

Although there are many reasons why I have chosen the Kundalini Yogic path, I really connect to it because it is a Raj Yoga, which mean Royal or Great. As such, Kundalini Yoga combines the practice of a number of yoga types, including Hatha, Mantra, Laya, Ashtanga and Raja Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is a complete system, which is very important to me, and because I know the most about this yoga type, I have written a specific page on kundalini yoga benefits for those of you wanting further information.

The 22 Primary Yoga Types

  1. Anabhava Yoga: The discipline of non-being and immersion of the self into the Self.

  2. Ashtanga Yoga: The discipline of the 8 Limbs of yoga as described by Pantanjali.

  3. Bhakti Yoga: The discipline of love and devotion; a surrender of the ego in love.

  4. Dhyana Yoga: The discipline of meditation. Mindfulness and concentration are also included in this discipline.

  5. Guru Yoga: The merger of self with a Supreme Teacher through focus, surrender and acquisition of virtues. Often employing the use of Traatik Yoga.

  6. Gyan Yoga: The discipline of discriminating True wisdom and the experienced knowledge inside oneself.

  7. Hatha Yoga: the mastery of polarities that comes from cultivating the body and perfecting physical postures, mudras and breath.

  8. Jappa Yoga: The discipline of mantra recitation.

  9. Karma Yoga: The discipline of selfless action without thought of reward or attachment to the outcome, where each action becomes a dharma, or a joyful duty.

  10. Kriya Yoga: The discipline to bring specific actions to fulfillment and completion within the self; it is the combined use of cleansing exercises, deep study and devotional conscious worship of the Supreme One in all.

  11. Kundalini Yoga: The unitive discipline of the power of awareness and the potential in each individual.

  12. Laya Yoga: Merging the finite with the Infinite, through the use of sound and mantra with rhythm.

  13. Mantra Yoga: A discipline of sound that protects and projects the mind.

  14. Nada Yoga: The discipline of the inner sound, the primal vibration.

  15. Siddha Yoga: The discipline of the adepts to develop powers and extraordinary capacities.

  16. Samkhya Yoga: The discipline of insight into the nature of things.

  17. Raj Yoga: the Royal unitive discipline combining the practice of Mantra, Laya, Hatha and Raja Yoga through the direct awareness given by the master's touch.

  18. Sahej Yoga: The practice of a state of ease, flow and grace in which all polarities are seen to serve the One. It is part of Raj Yoga and is both devotional (Bhakti) and powerful (Shakti).

  19. Shakti Yoga: The techniques in yoga that give strength, power and activity. It is the compliment to Bhakti yoga.

  20. Tantra Yoga: The techniques used to clear the subconscious and promote clarity of the soul.

  21. Traatik Yoga: The discipline of gazing on a sacred object or picture of the teacher.

  22. Yantra Yoga: The discipline of focusing the mind upon geometric representations (yantra) of the Cosmos or of energetic processes such as the chakras.
  23. The Yoga Types Designed for Specific Healing Situations

    Breast Cancer Yoga: This is a fabulous course designed as an intensive eight-part learning module. It is designed to educate individuals in strategies to prevent breast cancer and to assist recovery from the disease using natural therapies in conjunction with conventional allopathic diagnostic and treatment options. Click the link to learn more...

    Prenatal Kundalini Yoga: Prenatal yoga is a natural and timeless approach to the use of breath, postures and meditation that will facilitate ease in the mother-to-be as well as in the fetus throughout pregnancy, delivery and after birth. There is no greater gift to you and your baby than prenatal yoga classes.

    Infertility Yoga: The research on the correlation between stress and infertility is mounting. In addition to the stress relief effects of yoga, certain yoga postures that specifically target the reproductive and pelvic area as well as the hormone balancing effects of yoga can be very effective at increasing fertility.

    Yoga for Seniors: Yoga for Seniors is a beautiful way to get fit: body, mind and soul. Find out what seniors are saying and how to arrange a class near you...

    Chair Yoga: Chair Yoga has been adapted to very simple and basic yogic exercises and breath-work that you can do right at your desk. This is also very helpful for those who are in a wheelchair, or elderly who have a challenge sitting on the floor.

    Chakra Yoga: Balancing the body requires balancing not only the physical, but the energetic body as well. Chakra Yoga is designed to balance the entire body from an energetic perspective.

    Dog Yoga: If dog yoga is a new concept for you, not to worry. Read more about the benefits and art of this successful new trend in mind-body work.

    Yoga for Equestrians: Are you realizing your riding potential? Are you partnering with your horse the way you want to? If not, learn how yoga for equestrians can help...

    Laughing Yoga: Come to a yoga class to laugh! Acually, laughing yoga is very effective at altering our moods and energy projection. Learn more here...

    What is Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is also a house-holder yoga, meaning that it is meant for the common person who has a life outside that of a spiritual dwelling. As such, it is extremely powerful and effective.

    Kundalini Yoga Benefits: Kundalini Yoga is designed to balance the energy systems of the body, mind and spirit. It brings awareness to our mental and physical projection, so that we may heal and walk with grace. And MORE...

    I know this is a tonne of information - best of luck digesting it all.

    If you need anything, you know where to find me!

    Yours In Wellness,

    Dr. Lisa

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